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Opinions on My First Program

This is the first program I’ve came up with on my own since my trainer moved away. I’m not sure I know what I’m doing… Whatcha think? It’s a full body - A/B program - 3x a week

Program A

A2) Jump rope (just to get my h/r up…tryin to lose a few more lbs)

B1)Push Press
B2)Wide grip pullup

C1)Seated Row
C2)Step Ups w/ dumbbells
C3)Wide Grip Pulldown

D1) Ab Exercise (rollouts, russian twists, plank on ball,feet elevated plank, etc)
D2) Face Pull

Program B

A1)Box Squat
A2)Med Ball Slam

B1)BB Lunges or Walking Lunges
B3)Squat Jump

C1) BB Row
C3) 2 Arm Incline Bench Press

D1) Ab exercise
(Isolation stuff if I have time)
D2) Lateral Raises
D3) Hammer Curls

Also 2 days Metabolic Circuit - 1 day HIIT (sprints)

Reps ?

I alternate between 6 and 10…few exercises 8 and 12

What are you training for? or what are you trying to accomplish through training?

So before I give any advice, is the program done in a A;B:A;B;A;B with one day off fashion ?

I do it monday wednesday friday…alternating between A/B.

I’m not training for anything… I just need to lose about 20 more lbs fat (have already lost 65) and of course put on some muscle…not too much tho! :wink:

When I used to train people specifically for the purpose of losing weight it worked out alot better to keep the whole workout HIT.

An example would be this

Workout A
Series 1;
Pushups /ss/ Pullups; jump rope during 1 min rest, the start next set.
repetitions compromised of failure for calisthenics, last rep of each set perform over 80 seconds, 40 seconds on both side of the movement.

And then just repeat the exercises in that fashion with 2-3 minutes in between series.