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Opinions On My Diet?


Hi, im new to the forum and well ive done weight training for a little while but never actualy gained much mass due to not really looking at my diet properly. My docter told me I should put on weight because Im underweight. My stats are 171 cm and I weigh 46kg. Yup im very light indeed.

I decided after countless thinking that Im going to take a no bullshit approach to gaining some muscle mass, If I need to gain weight what better then do it through a mass gain diet! Im not going to take any supplements as I dont have the money and my parents wont appreciate it either.

I do Martial arts so I do mostley non isolated workouts like dumbells, cables, body weights and the odd barbell workout.

This is my diet:

Breakfast: 7am
Porridge oats with semi skimmed milk, two whole eggs (is whole better or just the whites?), a heaped tablespoon of mixed seed butter and 1 portion of chopped fruit)
Cup of plain black tea (no milk or sugar, just plain)
1 multivitamin
1 fish oil capsule

Snack: 10am
can of tuna/sardines/mackeral
1 banana

Lunch: 12:30/1pm
Can of tuna/sardines/mackeral with mixed veg and salad, and some carbs either from rice, potatoes or wholemeal pitta breads etc

Snack: 3:00pm
Can of tuna/sardines/mackeral
1 apple

Dinner: 5:30pm
Meat (chicken, lamb, fish, offal, venison etc) with a portion of carbs (most of the time basmati rice) vegtables and sometimes legumes/beans
1 pot of fat free natural fruit yogurt

Before Bed: 9:00pm (8:30 if im going to bed earlier)
250gram pot of quark/cottage cheese with a heaped tablespoon of seed butter (Would a fish oil capsule work just as well?)

I would love to hear your comments and advice. Thank you for taking the time to veiw this (hopfully you are!) I appreciate it if its tedious to advice a newbie like me, I can understand if you guys wished I just knew it all already lol!! anywho much appreciated


Record your diet using www.FitDay.com, making sure that you get enough calories, proteins, carbs and fats.


Looks too low in fat to me...


hmm well all of the fish I have are in olive oil, I thought i was getting enough efa


Take the time to read the Beginner sticky and check out the links provided. Massive eating 1 and 2 would be great for you. Also, getting on a solid lifting program will be crucial. There are plenty of those there as well. Good luck.



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