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Opinions on My Cycle


So my first cycle and it is going to consist of
30mL Anadrall 50 (oral)
30mL Dianibol (oral)
and for my pct it is going to be Kynoselen (injection)
I'm taking the Dianibol first 1mL a day and when I finish imma take the Anadrall 1mL a day also
and while i'm taking those I will also be taking

Cellucore Super HD
Cellucore NO3 Chrome
MRI- PRO NOS (protein)

what do yall think about all that? good idea? bad idea? any suggestions? input is much appreciated.


how fucking hard is it..


I literally don't know what any of that shit is.

Is it actually dianabol and anadrol or what?


Would kill to be able to discuss prices. This always makes me curious what someone paid for this shit


Where did you get this stuff? A website, friend, etc?

I'm assuming you got garbage. That's why I'm asking. There are a lot of websites that sell crap and give their products names that resemble actual steroids but are useless.


Most UGLs give weird names like that with the same chemical ingredients. I guess so the websites aren't shutdown, are the names copyrighted?


All these people posting stupid as fuck questions is one of the reasons steroid use is so looked down upon. I honestly want to know where some people come up with some of this shit. Are the locked out from google?


there's even a well respected brand of protein powders that calls one of their products IGF-1! It's dirty as fuck


Ability to use google is the problem. Lack of research contributes. They type in steroids and buy from the first Mickey Mouse steroids site they come across.


Use google to look at the actual compounds and how they affect the body and their reviews? There are plenty of sites with legit information.


Right, I get that. They just see something in the first page google pops up and they buy. No research, no forethought. I'm saying they know how to use google just not how to research. If google didn't exist they might actually have a better chance. They would have to buy gear from someone local and I would surmise a better chance at getting real gear. Although if you can't put in the work to research properly you shouldn't be on this ride anyway.