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Opinions on My Build


For a short guy like me, what is a good lean weight goal to shoot for? I'm trying to ballpark the bulk/cut times for a kick ass physique. Here's the skinny:

H: 5'6"
W: 160
BF: dunno, but ballpark around 10-14%

I'm just asking for pure opinions, but my goals are to sit at 6% BF healthily and maintain enough conditioning to run a 2-mile in 13:00 or less. Army life puts constraints on bulk.

I'll attach a few pics of my current state. Feel free to be mean if you must, but odds are if you're a dick I won't listen to you.






Just a couple thoughts:

I would put you at 20% bodyfat or maybe just a bit higher. Nothing wrong with that, you just need to realize you have farther to go than you think.

You're probably not gonna be able to hold at 6% permanently. 8-10%, maybe. But trust me, 8% is good enough.

I can think of a couple of strategies for either working within regs or dodging them a bit, but I haven't worked with anyone on this particular problem, so I'll leave it alone. I wouldn't want to lead you astray.


Ok. The pics might add a few, cause I've read that abs only show around 6-8% BF, and mine show 90% of the time. Pics are after a big breakfast. But hey, I don't really care about BF, it's more about the bulk/cut phases.

In your opinion, Jay, what is a good 8-10% BF lean weight for a guy my size? Most of the stats I see are for people much taller than me, so I have no clear basis on what I should aim for. Thib was 205 at his best, but he's 5'9". Guys like Greg Pitte and Jason Statham have physiques I'm more aiming towards, but they're both taller as well. When 5'8" is considered short, most people don't talk about 5'6".

That's what I want from this thread. Just opinions on a good lean body weight at my height. Cracks on my BF and man tits can wait til my progress thread.


Actually, abs start to show at around 15-16%. 6-8% is pretty damn shredded, you'll have a six-pack long before that.

In your case, my best advice is to max out your weight according to regs. Someone with more experience can tell you how to go about getting a waiver for higher bodyweight and all that.

For physiques of that proportion, I'd say subtract 5-7lbs per inch of height. So 5'6" 185lbs @ 8% would probably be a good goal to shoot for. But keep in mind that to reach that goal, you'll have to eat your way up to ~215 @17%, and then diet back down to it. That's no short-term goal, but not impossible.

BTW, Statham's physique is nowhere near on par with Thibs or Plitte. In the leanest photos I've seen of him, I'd say he's about 11-12%, as compared to 8% for Thibs (and HE TESTED at that %, not just a guess on my part) or Plitte's 6-7% (in his leanest pics, my estimate). And they're both packing way more muscle than Statham.

Wasn't cracking on you, my man. Just don't want you to be disillusioned. And I wouldn't say you have man-tits. I have man-tits, the evidence is in my profile, lol.
As far as time frames go, it's anybody's guess.


Great advice, thank you. I searched the forums pretty extensively, but everyone on the internet seems to be 6'2" and shredded. Ha! I appreciate the response.

Sounds like it will be very difficult to bulk to the required weight while staying in regs. See, 155lbs is the cut-off weight for guys my size. So, technically, I'm already maxed and then some. However, there are really simple ways to get around the base weight reqs, and it involves taping. So, if I'm muscular and not fat, and I can still run, then being "overweight" is ok. But I agree, it's thin ground to tread on.

Ok, I just read up on the regs. Looks like I was kinda right, max weight is 160, and then the body-fat tests start. Can't go over 20%. Basically, it'll take a long time to bulk up to a decent lean body weight, but it's possible.

I will make 180 my goal for LBM, and work on a plan to stay under 20% BF while bulking up to that weight. This is gonna take a while...


Im 5'7. And in the most recent picture Im about 185 lbs at 10% (maybe slightly more).

My advice is to not go by numbers. Your shape and structure are going to have more influece on how you look than numbers do. I dont have the best muscle shape at all but my structure is good. People usually guess Im about 15 pounds heavier than I am.

Lift hard and eat properly and go by the mirror once youve learned how to make progress


Knowing you're 5' 7" like me gives me one hell of a goal to shoot for.

I feel like every guy on here walks around at 6' and 250lb, but its nice to realize there are giant people at my height.


Lol lee priest is a giant. Dexter jackson is a giant. But thanks. And yea anyone of any height can build a good physique.


20% should be absolutely all the leeway you need.

I agree with Bonez, that you should use the mirror as your scale and tape most of the time, especially when getting lean. But it does help to have some basic numbers to work with.


For me, I get the best fat loss results when I only weigh myself every other day at most, more often less. Maybe it's psychological, but for me, if that's the type of psychology that gets you lean, then call me psycho!

Rather than an arbitrary number on the scale, worry more about the ins and outs, by which I mean the food that goes in your mouth (focus on quality choices) and the outs (not poop! ha. I'm referring to burning off cals by exercising). Then periodically checking the result of ins and outs in the mirror will be way more confirmation than an arbitrary shift in the number on the scale.

Last I checked, 45 min of heavy lifting in the AM and a cardio session at night makes you look a lot better naked than spending time checking your weight.


OK i want you to do 20 pushups every morning day and night for 6 weeks at the end of every week take a photo so you should have 6 photos compare them see the difference.


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I'm under the impression that cardio in the morning on an empty stomach does wonders, and that's what I'll be doing thanks to morning PT. I'm gonna lift as well, but can I make up an increased caloric burn with more calories? As in, if I burn a lot, can I just eat more and still grow?


for some people yes it does. I've used fasted morning cardio with good results before but it doesnt necessarily work for everyone. You can try it out and see if it works for you.


Given he's in the Army, I think he has done more than 40 push-ups each day.


Ok, now I want you to do 13 crunches, then stand up and put your hands behind your head.

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