Opinions on My Bloods?


I just wondered if I could get some advice from you guys as to whether or not I should consider trt. Test, free test and oestradiol all seemed quite low in my opinion. My bloods test results:

D.H.E.A Sulphate 9.860 umol/L

Follicle stim. Hormone 2.84 IU/L

Luteinising Hormone 2.32 IU/L

Testosterone 12.1 nmol/L

Free Testosterone (calculated) .254 nmol/L

SHBG 28.9 nmol/L

Free Androgen Index 41.87 ratio

17-Beta Oestradiol 44.6 pmol/L

I also had t4 and Tsh which can back mid range and dht low but in range. Do I need t3 and antibodies as well? Also thought maybe prolactin to see if things point to pituitary at all? Seeing as my LH & FSH are low i assume it’s probably not the testes themselves.

These were all taken at 9 am in the morning.

For background I’m a lean 26 year old. Who eats well, organic meat and veg. Don’t each much refined sugar or drink much alcohol. I have a pretty big appetite and train regularly about 3 times a week some hiit training and strength training.

Just have some of the symptoms of low t such a poor sleep, hardly much facial hair and I believe my libido is off (this I’ve only just realised as I thought it was normal because it’s always been the same. But speaking to some friends in confidence that though that I was pretty off considering my age.) There is a few other things that possible are related as well.

Anyways would really appreciate any advice at all as I keep hearing conflicting information.

Thanks Tom

Tom, what are the lab ranges for each of those results? Without ranges it’s a little hard to make an informed comment about said numbers.

DHT and estrogen are low because testosterone is low, increasing testosterone will increase both. Estrogen should be minimum 88 pmol/L or higher. I can’t tell if D.H.E.A Sulphate is high, midrange or low because you didn’t include ranges.

You should be scoring high normal testosterone like all the other guys in their 20’s, instead your are scoring in the elderly ranges, president Trump is higher than you and is 46 years older. You’re not going to improve your natural testosterone with poor sleep, poor sleep causes low testosterone and low testosterone causes poor sleep.

You’re living a healthy lifestyle and doing everything right and still you’re having problems so it isn’t anything you’re doing wrong, so fixing this naturally likely isn’t going to happen. Genes are to blame, or do to living in modern civilization filled with endocrine disrupting chemicals and not lifestyle.

You say you eat lots of veggies and organic meat, those animals where you get your organic meat graze on grass that is sprayed with pesticides. The ground where we get our veggies is all but depleted of nutrients. This is why we need supplements.

Thanks for the comments. The range for DHEA is 0.44 - 13.40 umol/L. What do you think is the likelihood of running into hematocrits issues while bringing t into mid range using intramuscular testosterone? Also any likely underlying cause, I think I may have had trouble since puberty to be honest. I’m suspecting secondary hypogonadism from a pituitary or thyroid issue.
Thanks Tom

Hi everyone,

I’m now 4 weeks into trialling trt. So far I’ve noticed a lot of improvement on the energy front and insomnia has diminished dramatically. Also I’m starting to get a better libido now.

I’m coming up for my set of blood test and just wanted to check when the best time to check them was.

I’m on a 62.5 mg if Sustanon every 4 days totalling 109mg a week. On what day would it be best to check levels? I’ve heard different things for the different esters and as Sustanon is a blend I wondered if that changes things at all.

Thanks for you time guys.

Retest in 6 weeks, most feel the full benefits of their protocol minimum 8 weeks, there are some who take longer ~ slow responders.

Check Total T, Free T, estrogen and SHBG will find a new level months from now. You will usually see a decrease in SHBG, however some see an increase do to high insulin levels suppressing SHBG which can correct itself quickly for some.

My SHBG was the same as yours pre-TRT, now 16-22 on TRT. You may still be in the honeymoon phase, don’t be in shock if you start going back to the way you felt pre-TRT for short awhile.

Check levels on shot day, before the shot.