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Opinions on My 3 Month Change


Left / March 11th 2018 - 75 kgs
Right / June 28th 2018 - 71 kgs


Good work. If you can get your back to look as wide as it is on the left with the leaness of the right, I reckon that would push your physique to the next level.


Thank you. My goal is to become 75 kgs with the condition level of the right picture.


This is just a question rather than a opinion.
What are your staple lat exercises for width?
I’m currently working on that.
Good job btw. Keep up the hard work.


I work out at home so i only have access to free weights. My back exercises are :

One arm barbell row
Meadows row
One arm deadstop db row
Bent over two arm dumbbell row

I dont have a chin up bar so i dont do any vertical pulling exercises. I also cant do pullovers because they hurt my shoulders.


Over the door bars are pretty cheap. I think you’ll benefit greatly from pullups, worth the investment.


Looks good bro.


you look good in both pictures… It’s hard for me to tell how much your appearance has changed though, because the lighting is drastically different. I’d suggest either relying on overhead artificial lighting rather than the sun. Or at least take all your progress photos when the sun is in the same place. The changes in shadows drastically alter appearance. You’re washed out in the left picture, and then in the right, while I’m able to see more definition, I can’t tell if it’s because you’ve made progress or if it’s just the light change.

Regardless, I will say you’ve got really good proportions. I’d like to see you work more on leg size, but that’s really just a personal preference. Your arms look great, as does your v taper. Building your legs would really accentuate the overall ‘X’ look.


Thank you so much.
Thats exactly my plan this year. I will work quads on one day, hams and glutes on another day after back workout.


Every year i start training and dieting harder than winter time approx. 2 months before my summer holiday and take a relaxed, cold photo from the front in swimwear. That photo is like a finish line for me. I’d like to share this year’s photo below.

I am in rest mode now. Next monday i will start training again with a new focus which is making my lower body bigger.


You look good, but I like the 3 pictures bottom right much better!


Haha :grin:

I take screenshots from my instagram friends’ story photos time to time. My wife caught these 3 few days ago but i managed to keep them :grin: