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Opinions on my 3 Day Full Body Workout

Hi, back into lifting after 4 years been using an upper lower split for about 2 months with good results in strength plus size but I can’t make the gym 4 days anymore so I’m giving full body workouts a go. Just want some opinions on the workouts.

I don’t have any shoulder pressing in it and I know this is not ideal but shoulder pressing causes quite abit of pain in my shoulders at the moment. I do intend to put a military press in further down the line once my shoulders are abit healthier. I’m doing rotator cuff exercises also but it doesn’t help that I’m swinging a hammer all day at work. Anyways here it is cheers for any help.

Monday- Squats- 3 sets 5-8 reps, T bar rows-3 sets-8-10 reps, Flat dumbell press-3 sets 10-12 reps, Lateral raises 2 sets 8-12 reps, Calf raises- 3 sets 8-12 reps

Wednesday-Bench press-3 sets 5-8 reps, Barbell row 3 sets-5-8 reps, Leg press 3 sets- 8-12 reps, Lateral raises 3 sets 8-12 reps, Calf raises 3 sets 12-15 reps

Friday- Deadlift 3 sets- 5-8 reps, Incline dumbell press 3 sets- 8-10 reps, Neutral grip pudowns-3 sets 10-12 reps, Lateral raises-2 sets 8-12 reps, 2 sets of curls superset with 2 sets of pushdowns 10-12 reps

Ab work for 3 sets end of each day also.

A few things:

If you are swinging a hammer all day you absolutely do not need to be using any dirct shoulder movements. I would get rid of the lateral raises…isn’t that similar to swinging a hammer? Also, while I know this is controversial (as many are infatuated with the bench press) I would not do any bench pressing. You are putting more stress on your front delts which you do not need right now. Do weighted push-ups in place of benching.

Also, you only have two sets of curls on Friday. I would add two or three sets along with some tricep work on at least two of your three training days.

Other than that good program…and good luck with it!

A chest pressing movement on every day.

A lateral raise every day.

You only have 1 rowing and one vertical pulling movement (lat pull-down) in the week and you are on a hammer all day that uses your front and medial delts to excess.

You really need some direct rear delt work in 2 or 3 of those sessions.

Maybe heavy DB Rows on one day and put face pulls and band pull aparts on 2 (or all) of the days.

I’m so not surprised.

Waterbury and Colucci have templates. Use those.

Get your shoulders looked at.

Do what doesn’t hurt. Lateral raises 3x a week. Really???

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x2 with all this.

Do both more back and direct rear delt work.

Also if have bad shoulders and need them for a physical job I would avoid flat barbell bench like the plague

Well like you said do what doesn’t hurt so I added them in to replace shoulder pressing but ye looking at it now maybe 3x a week is overkill, think I might replace them with some facepulls on one of them days.

I’m rowing on 2 of the days and pulldowns on the third, I structured it so that I do the same amount of pushing and pulling, but ye I think il add in some facepulls in place of the Lateral raises on 1 or 2 of the workout days.

Cheers mate ye looking at it I think Lateral raises everyday is overkill, gunna replace them with some rear delt work on a couple of the days and add in a little extra arm work cheers for your help.

Lateral and OHP have nothing in common.

I did scrape presses, as it was the only thing that didn’t hurt. Heck, I couldn’t do any presses except scrape and ring presses.

No but I find Lateral raises build up my side delts tremendously, when I trained last time round I used them more than presses to build up my shoulders.