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Opinions on My 16 Week Cycle?

Hello there, long story short im 30 years old, 189 CM , 105kg. (BF around 12%)
This will be my 3rd cycle and im wery wery excited about it.
Wanting your opinion.
(Week 1-8 will be more like bulking phase with short ester NPP and hight test)
(Week 8-16 will be Cutting phase)

Week 1-8 Test Cyp 1g
Week 1-8 NPP 400mg
Week 1-8 Dbol 30mg daily
Getropin 4 IU a day for 50 days.

8-16 Test Prop 300mg/week (M/W/F)
8-16 Tren Ace 300mg/week (M/W/F)
8-16 Test cyp 250mg/week+ Mast 600mg/week (T/T/S)
(Test prop/Tren on same syrenge) ( Test Cyp/Mast ons ame syrenge)
(Injecting allmost every day and this dosnt bother me)

Having caber and Anastrozol on hand
Thing is i tolerate high test wery well.
Doing 1g test and 750mg EQ right now, i really enjoy it and freaking love the reasults.
I guess im the lucky one that get something from EQ and i need only 0.25mg arimidex 3 time per week.
Im having caber on hand because of tren because i never tryed tren.I know most of you will say to stay away from it, but i have to try it out once of my life atleast and 300mg per week dosnt seems a lot tho.
About Getroping then i never used HGH.But i always been exited to use it.
Not even sure how well 4 IU will work and how good this will be.
But so far my supplyer have provided me freaking A+ anabolics.

Waiting for some oppinions should i take something out or change anything?
Tbh i really would like to do Primabolon instead Tren but the cost of primo on my dealer is low af.
I head real primo is expnesive and tons of fake stuff moving around.

Dont see any pictures or lifts or anything.
You just listed steroids… For who is this cycle? How does he look like? What does he lift?
Is this Phil Heaths cycle? Looks shit. Is this Leonid Vodkaharevs cycle? Too much for that drunk asshole.
I have no idea based on what should we express our opinions :slight_smile:

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This isn’t long enough for HGH. I don’t have experience with HGH, but from what nearly everyone says, it need to be run closer to 6 months to really get a boost from it.

But I’ll also second what Hank said. Lifts? Picture?

On your first two cycles did you bulk and cut in the same cycle?