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Opinions on Muscle Milk?


I'm trying to save money and I noticed at Costco today that they sell tubs of MUscle Milk for cheap.I currently use Syntha-6 by B*N, mainly for the taste and the fact that it has 5g of fiber per scoop. But, because of costs, I was thinking about switching to Muscle Milk. So, I know it's kind of popular, but has anyone used it? Is it a pretty decent protein? Anyone happy with it? Thanks, in advance.


It's crap - but tastes excellent...


Iam a first time poster but have been an amateur bodybuilder for about a year and loved the muscle milk. The fact that it boasts 32g of protein and a total of 300 calories fits neatly into my budget and also into diet regimen. Its an easy way to get those much needed calories along with that same 5g of fiber you referred to


What are your goals?

Syntha-6 is not a good choice if your goal is to improve body composition. If you are just looking to add protein / calories then it is fine. Muscle Milk falls into that same category in that it is a protein blend, but the macronutrient profile is not one that I would recommend for an athlete who is concerned with lean mass.

There are plenty of proteins out on the market that offer low fat / low carbohydrate profiles, or MRP's if you are looking for something to use for post-workout nutrition.

Baylor University did conduct a 10 week study where they compared the results of men who were drinking whey-only PWO shakes to those who drank a whey & casein blend, and the results were about a 5 lbs different in terms of lean mass gains for the protein blend group - so you were on the right track there.

There is an article from Men's Health that suggests Metabolic Drive by Biotest (the company that sponsors this forum) and Nitrean by AtLarge Nutrition as being the top protein picks.


The biggest problem I have with Muscle Milk is that it is very high in fats.


The new formula that was released last year is lower in fat, I believe it is now 12 grams as opposed to 18 grams per serving. This is still very high for a protein / meal replacement supplement though.


They have a light version of muscle milk now. Has 6 grams of fat and 25 grams of protein. The benefit to muscle milk is the casein blend and the great taste. There are a bunch of different protein shakes out there, just go with the one that is good quality and fits into your nutrition plan/your goal.


I've been using Syntha-6 as more of a gainer type shake. I would use the muscle milk in the same way.


I got a free tub of the light version, and you know what it was? The scoop was twice as small so you had to do two scoops to get the 25 grams. Really, I think all it is is a smaller tub with a smaller scoop. Same protein.


Yeah, a slight rip if you ask me. I got one small tub from a friend to try, and while it is good....definitely going with something else....probably going to try Biotest Metabolic Drive...


Muscle milk is ridiculously expensive for what it offers, not worth it at all even if it is being sold cheaper at costco.


What are the thoughts here on Nitrean by AtLarge Nutrition as mentioned earlier. I am currently using Isoflex, but am thinking about picking up some Nitrean because of the blend, any reviews?


Since you're fuckin huge, what's a good blended powder? And FWIW MM is 23 for a 3lb tub at costco. I dont know if that matters though.


About six months ago I switched from Muscle Milk to Metabolic Drive. I am very happy with the switch. While I loved the flavor of Muscle Milk in milk, I never cared for it mixed with water. The Biotest Metabolic Drive tastes excellent in water. It also dissolves better than MM does (which is very nice if you're using a shaker instead of a blender). MM has more falvor options, but, to me, that's not the most important thing.

Now I use Metabolic Drive has a meal replacement and for pre-workout. I use Surge Recovery after workouts. I like chocolate for both, but they do taste different. The Recovery has a bit more of a hazelnut flavor to it. Both are good.


It's tasty.


Muscle Milk is good. I know there are alot of haters here but there is a reason why its one of the top 3 selling supplements. It works and tastes the best. If price isnt an issue then buy it. I use it as a meal replacement and preworkout shake


I've tried Muscle Milk, Optimum Whey, etc. but Metabolic Drive is my favorite and have used it for years.


There are a couple of different schools of thought when it comes to gainers. Some people believe that "calories are king" and look only at that number; whereas others actually look in depth at the macronutrient profiles and believe that a ratio, such as 2:1 carb to protein ratio is optimal. Syntha-6 comes out to be 400 calories, 12 grams fat, 30 grams carbs, 44 grams protein in two scoops. I would consider this to be a relatively high fat meal replacement; but not a gainer unless additional components are added (skim milk, peanut butter, olive oil, etc). The problem that you run into with adding high calorie components such as oils or peanut butter is that you then have a high carb / high fat gainer - carbs increase insulin and the fats will be stored instead of utilized.

If you are shopping simply based on taste then both Syntha-6 and Muscle Milk are good options. They are also protein blends which works well for meal replacement and blends are regarded as being better in general.

My suggestion for you would be to look to a good quality meal replacement or perhaps a mass shake that utilizes quality macronutrient sources (high fiber, good quality fats, and of course a protein blend).

Choosing the right supplements can be a bit confusing, but can make a huge difference in terms of your progress.


I use Opticen by AtLarge for my PWO shake and have made some good gains with it. Tastes good, no upset stomach, and the price is reasonable. The strawberry flavor is my favorite but I read something from one of the Westside guys and he really liked the Chocolate.


Using this logic, NO2 products must be the best thing since sliced bread. However, most here know better.

In this industry, the products that sell the most are usually those that are heavily promoted in magazines and stores. Companies that cut the best deals behind the scenes are usually the ones whose products end up on the best seller lists.