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Opinions on Mass Bulker


Starting cycle in 2 weeks. Cycle length is 32 weeks.

Currently planned per week.

2 grams of test cyp

375 Tren Ace

600 EQ

400 Deca

10 iu of slin in the morning and another 10 post workout in the evenings

300mcg GHRP-6, split up into 3 100mcg shots throughout the day.

Have Bromo and Adex and they will taken during the cycle.

Before people ask: I am 24 y/o, been on year-round since 19 doing cruise and blast phases. I am 5'9'', 260lbs and around mid teens bf%. And no, I will not be posting pictures. I compete and have a very distinguishable and easily identifiable tattoo.


Cool story?


Yeah, sorry. I was a little vague about what I wanted. I just want some opinions from guys who have run similar cycles. Should I increase a compound, add a compound, reduce one, etc. I've run Tren and Test, Test and Deca, Test and EQ and Test, Deca and Tren, but never Deca, Tren and EQ together.


I would drop the Deca, Im not sure why you would run both Tren and Nandro at the same time. I would replace Tren A with Tren E and run the Tren E at 600mg wk. I would also try to get away at 1gram of test for the first 16wks and run Test suspension pre work out 100mg, at wk 17-32 bump up to 1500 test. At wk 25-32 add 25-50mg of dbol 45min pre workout, if you feel you must run a nandrolone then try 150mg of NPP 2x per wk starting at wk 25, if your body gets negative sides from mixing tren+nandro then you can simply stop the NPP since the half life is much shorter rather then pumping yor body full of caber and other shit.

wk 1-16:
1g Test Cyp
600mg EQ
600mg Tren E
100mg test susp preworkout

wk 17-24:
1.5g Test Cyp
600 EQ
600 tren E
50mg test susp preworkout

wk 25-32:
1.5g Test Cyp
600 EQ
600 Tren E
NPP 150mg 2x per week
25-50mg dbol pre work out

these are just my thoughts, the synergy for me was amazing, once dbol was added it went to a whole new level. Good luck bro, hope it all works out