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Opinions on Marijuana


thoughts on Marijuana for daily use


Every aspect of my life got better when I stopped. But I spent pretty much every waking moment from 14 until about 24 baked, so... You mileage may vary.

As far as what other people do? I don't care as long as you aren't smoking yourself stupid or killing innocent people trying to smuggle it into the country. (And even then on the stupid part, I don't care unless you're the dipshit that can't even get my coffee right at the shop...)


No thoughts on MJ for daily use. Well one thought. Probably not a good idea.


Did you stop around two to three years ago? I ask because honestly, it seems like your posts got a lot better around that time.


LMAO... Nah man, probably stopped smoking full time 11 years ago, and stopped all together about 10 or so.

I assume my posting improvement is a combination of just getting older and slightly less stupid, my daughter changing quite a few aspects of my life, an increased responsibility at work forcing me to act like less of a child, and that bleeding into my time killing activities like posting.


For someone who loves pills and powder (me)*, I can't stand pot.

Makes me tired and stupid(er).

*And alcohol. J'adore alcohol.


You know what's worse than pot? Potheads.

"No one's ever OD'ed on pot"

"Pot is America's largest cash crop"

"Pot has been shown to prevent eleventy different types of cancer"

"Pot is natural"

Shut the fuck up. Just admit you like getting high and let that stand on it's own merits.


God I love tying one on.


The last time I took weed was by accident (really) when I ate my roomate brownies.

It felt like a sordid waste of time.


Probably not a good idea. But I dip a can of Copenhagen every day, so who am I to judge. If you live in a state where it's illegal dont complain when you get popped.


I used to smoke every day, first thing in the morning til last thing at night. Moved in with my now ex girlfriend a few years back who didn't smoke so I pretty much stopped entirely.

A couple of weeks ago I had a hankering for some, so I bought a little bag. Smoked a joint and holy fuck! I lost my mind.

The next day I tried again, and yup, still way too strong for me. Was a zombie for like 2 days.

I'll take a little smoke at a party when I'm drinking, but my days of smoking on the couch after a day at work are over. Can't handle the anxiety anymore!


I smoked quite regularly for many years. After I stopped (about 7 years ago) I have seen huge improvement in my life quality as I have more time to use for something more beneficial.

I have smoked couple times after I stopped, and it was actually quite boring, even though my tolerance was low. "Yeah, this is pot, I remember this feeling" - was all I got from it. I don't smoke anymore because of my work and family.

I still don't think marijuana is_bad_in any sense, but maybe little overhyped. Its just a drug. There is probably million better things to do in life in daily basis than get high/wasted.


Just ask yourself how smart getting mildly drunk every day sounds. As I think weed and boze are pretty much comparable, you'll know my answer.


this is it, essentially. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's hardly a productive use of your time


As far as everything getting better after stopping, that was a bit touch and go for me the first year, but that is in large part due to my various other addictions. But now, yes, every part of life is indeed better.

Having ventured into some of the more undesirable places of Chicago, I would have to say the smuggling and importing and general lawlessness of the drug trade is a problem. So where it is still illegal, it's unfortunate to see others choosing to break the law, just to get a temporary feeling. Like the Dr. said, they just wanna get high, but don't realize the weight of their actions.


Daily marijuana use was a great way to validate the slacker persona I was after back in the 90's. I just wasn't into the whole "effort" thing, and smoking ridiculous amounts of pot was a cornerstone of the house of apathy I was constructing.

Smoking lots of pot also paved the way for some pretty great sexual encounters with like-minded young women.

That said, if you can smoke up every day and still handle all of your shit, I don't really see a problem with it. Some people handle it fine with almost no negative impacts on their life. Others will experience some form of set-back in mood, energy, and cognitive function. I think it is very rare for people to fall apart just because they toke up daily, but I suppose it happens. I think those types of people would probably fall apart with or without marijuana use.

Short answer: No big deal if you don't let it become a big deal.


Also have this problem. I have two kids and a mortgage now lol. Like, real actual responsibilities. When I was getting fucked up all the time, the only responsibility I had was remembering my name, which was difficult at times...

Now it really just makes me paranoid and unable to follow a basic conversation.


Getting high is awesome, and really not a big deal.

It's a plant, you light it on fire and feel 3-4 things. Happy, sleepy, hungry, and depending on the amount used and mental state; anxiety/paranoid.

It's exponentially better for someone than alcohol or pill abuse.


I've noticed the opposite effect .. I get ultra focused on the conversation I'm having that I feel like I get lost in a time warp - with what feels like 4 or 5 hours have past has only been like 2 minutes. Plus I don't feel paranoid (disclosure: it's a rare occasion that I smoke .. but it has been within the past few months to where it's relatively recent)


I just tried it for the first time about a year and a half ago and gave it a few tries (about 7 or 8) before deciding I did not like it at all.

I basically never felt any good physical or mental sensations. I hated how time didn't flow right. It didn't relax me but that may be because I am already a rather content, Buddha-nature type anyway.