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Opinions on Main lifts

I was wondering if it would be optimial to stick to a few main movements and master them for strength and size. For example, work on Bench,Deadlift,and Chin-up strength for 12 weeks. Test my maxes and then choose Close Grip Bench/Overhead press, Squat, Pull-up. I was thinking of running Joe defranco’s built like a badass again but this is the only reason stopping me. I have been using Wendlers 531 but don’t feel as strong as I was when I ran BLABA.

There are exercises you can do that will improve your performance on those lifts. Train them all!

I gotta ask dude; why did you ask Jim Wendler personally for his opinion if you weren’t going to use it? No one else answering questions here is going to measure up to his pedigree.


Jim gave you an answer and I’m nowhere near as qualified to match it

But since you asked here ya go

You can only do so much on the main movements.If let’s say you bench at 85 % the optimal amount of lifts are 10-20
If getting your triceps stronger why after that not directly addressing them?What does that have to do with ‘‘mastering the lifts’’?

Also I think mastering lifts such as the bench and the squat takes way more than 12 weeks

Just my 2 cents

How long have you actually stayed with a program? It seems like I see a thread of yours every couple months wanting to switch or start over with something. The last one mentioned staying with it for 6 weeks (which should be 2 5/3/1 cycles) and here we are 25 days later. I’m not trying to give you crap about this, just point out that you can really shortchange yourself by changing what you’re doing way too often. Stick with the 5/3/1, complete the 6 week block, try another template for the next 6 weeks if you have to but at least keep it 5/3/1 so you can actually evaluate something. You’re putting the work in, so you owe it to yourself to see this through to actually get the results you’re after or at the very least learn something in the process.