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Opinions on Lifting Belt?


So I have back problems. Hence my name lol.
I find when I’m dead lifting that having a weight belt on decreases the pain in my back when I’m lifting. I feel it forces my abs to brace better allowing considerable pressure to be taken off my lumbar spine while still allowing the erectors to work. Anyway I just wanted to hear some other peoples opinions on lifting belts


I use mine every squat, deadlift and OHP session. I have a lever belt that I am 8 inches too small, and a Harbinger single prong that I use now.

I don’t know that a belt does anything for my back. Instead it just helps me brace. In fact, I hurt my lower back recently while wearing my belt.


Same here @dchris on the bracing. I use an Inzer lever belt for every squat above body weight and a Spud Inc Velcro belt for every DL above body weight. Just remember that wearing it will not prevent an injury, it will just help you brace your core to properly support your spine. Keep using the belt and keep lifting bro. Strengthen your spinal erectors with kettlebell swings and 45° back extensions.


Trained without one irresponsibly for years training constantly in max ranges and got nothing but a bad back. Started training with one, and all my lifts went up and my back pain went away.

The belt taught a younger me how to actually brace properly. Conversely, a lot of people claim training without one will help teach bracing better, but I feel you first need to know what a belt does and get used to training with it and utilizing its benefits first hand before you can understand the fundamentals of bracing itself. Not sure if that’s how it would work for others, but it sure did for me.


Aside from cost, I see no reason to not use a belt.


I have never had the opportunity to use a real PL belt but the crappy BB ones felt cumbersome.

As long as I keep my mobility right I don’t have an back issues.


If you want to move the most weight you can, learn how to use a belt.


Agree with everything, belts are awesome for heavy lifts. If you just lift to be in shape I don’t see a reason.
If you are going to purchase one then skip the crappy Bodybuilding belts and get a good belt right away. Makes more of a difference than you would think.
I can’t speak for different options as I only own one belt which is an Inzer lever belt. I like it. After just over 2 years the lever was damaged and I now have had it replaced but other than that I only have good things to say about the quality.


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I always call that “the fourth white light”


There’s been quite a controversy about the belt, I feel. Some people love it and applaud it, others think there’s no point to it.

The main question to ask, I think, is whether you are a pro or a beginner.

If you are just starting out, you don’t really need a belt - you need to know precisely how to perform each lift, and having additional support might only hinder your progress.
On the other hand, if you have already reached your 85% of 1 RMP, you might want to look into a lifting belt. Research has shown that wearing belts raises the intra-muscular pressure of the erector spine muscles - in other words, you will be less likely to injure yourself when lifting more.

I’ve been using one in my gym sessions for a couple of years, and have come to realize I rely on it more and more. It provides adequate support to my lower back, and it gives me the added security to try and lift heavier.

In fact, I’ve come to learn that they have been around for nearly two centuries, and that the first lifting belts have been used around 1820, by the very first strongmen and have later gone on to be a reliable tool for Olympic lifters alike - which certainly means they will help you in both terms of stability and injury-prevention.


what are you talking about? Did you even read the thread? Not a single respondent disagreed with the use of a belt. That’s the opposite of controversy. The only ‘controversy’ is when ignoramuses address the subject. Only super raw raw douche bags who squat 250 talk shit about belts, because it makes them feel superior to bigger and stronger people. Belt’s are awesome, end of story. Absolutely the first training gear anyone should buy. Wrist wraps are way up there too.


This is very inconsistent with my usage. My belt provides very little back support, but lots of abdominal resistance for bracing.


My belt usage depends almost entirely on the amount of rest between sets and what movements are being super-setted. If the belt seems like a hassle, I’ll usually leave it off so I can focus on not throwing up or preparing for the next movement.

Other than ocassionally for convenience’s sake, belts are awesome. They make one use more trunk musculature and allow for more weight to be moved. I’m missing the downsides.


Lift more + Hides Power Gut
Win Win Situation


Why would you ever want to hide the source of power? It would be like Samson wearing a skull cap.


Couldnt have said it better. Theres no opinions involved just facts and fiction. Belts protect your back and NOBODY who lifts real heavy doesnt use a belt.


When I say controversy - I wasn’t referring to this thread, I meant in general. Don’t tell me you have never heard anyone claim that the belts are rubbish? There has also been research showing that belts are not for everyone. The point in fact was that if you are a pro, you need a belt. You do not need it if you are NOT one.


A pro or experienced lifter could lift at 70% probably 80% 1RM and never use a belt.


Except this guy [quote=“calcalington, post:17, topic:225877”]
NOBODY who lifts real heavy doesnt use a belt.

Poliquin doesn’t think belts are useful tool either so Matthew is correct to say there is controversy, no controversy here as it seems we all like belts, myself included. But there is some controversy about them out there, as with just about everything.