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Opinions on HRT Clinics?


I found this place in Florida that specializes in HRT replacement, they say u go get a blood test, a doctor will review it, have a consultation with you via Skype, prescribe you what you need, and monitor your progress, with all the grief I have been getting trying to have a doctor prescribe anything, this just seems to good to be true, I couldn't find anything on them on the BBB, or consumer reports, just wondering if anyone has ever used a place like this and get some opinions, any info would be greatly appreciated


I use a clinic like that and there are pros and cons.

The idea that there is a team (or even one) doctor that is reviewing your case and tailoring a protocol just for you is suspect at best. The doctors are usually just script writers. In my case, I have never talked to any doctors. Just the rep. However, you will get all of the meds you "need" in the form of an AI, HCG, and Test. There is no B.S. No pleading with your endo or doctor. Plain and simple, you get what you are looking for. In some cases, you get a lot more if you just ask. With the clinic I use, Anadrol, Winny, Armour, T3, HGH, and a lot more is on the menu.

I remember my first conversation after faxing in my bloodwork. He was ready to take my order for the meds. I said, "wait, what do you think of my labs?" He says, "Oh, let me take a look". He hadn't even pulled them from his fax machine, yet he was ready to place the order! That was when I knew I would have to be my own primary doctor.

Prescriptions are usually above and beyond whatever protocol you and your clinic rep discuss. In my case, 400mg/week was what my script said when I received my order. (I'm on 100mg E5D). This makes it easier to save up and "blast and cruise". I have no interest in doing so.

With all this being said, my clinic is the cheapest around, extremely easy to deal with, and I get what I want. You have to be disciplined though. It's easy to draw that plunger back and fill the syringe with a little more test. I also prefer the info I get from KSman and others on this board to that of the other boards. I've been a lurker here a long time. The stickies at the top are a must-read.

No hassle
Plenty of meds available
Easy to blast and cruise
Affordable (mine is)

Plenty of meds available
Easy to blast and cruise
No patient/Dr. care
One size fits all protocol (although you can change as needed)


Thanks for the info, Its a $300 dollar blood test and depending on what they find they said they would work with my budget, I got a blood test last June and they checked my Testerone and it came back at 399, I've been to a few different doctors and they say thats normal for my age (39) after all the research ive done and symptoms i have, if i would get brought up in the 700 range, seems like most of my problems would be solved, I just want to make sure that im using the right stuff and doing it properly, I know a dude that got himself all jacked up cuz he was'nt doing it properly


Oh BTW Script, I hope i'm not getting in your business too much, but would you mind if i asked what kinda money this is costing you?


The hardest part of TRT is managing your E. I've been on for about 6 months and I'm still not confident with my AI dose. I need additional bloodwork to dial it in.

Can't discuss cost on the boards, but if you cut out your daily Starbucks latte, you can afford TRT. As far as bloodwork, you can get that done for a lot cheaper online: privatemdlabs.com

Your clinic WILL prescribe you a TRT protocol with your T levels. Don't worry. You should hang around these boards and learn a little more. It ain't all shooting test. Do you know if you're primary or secondary? Are you aware that your cortisol levels can effect your feelings of fatigue and lethargy? Do you know if your thyroid is functioning properly? I had to learn as much as possible on my own. I still don't understand it all. But with the information I've learned here, I've been able to deem my thyroid healthy. My clinic never told me about the need to donate blood every couple of months either. All this I learn here in these forums.

READ ALL THE STICKIES at the top of this page. When you get your labs back open up a case thread. See this: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/prototype_advice_for_new_guys


Hey Script, do you mind if I ask where your clinic is and if they take out-of-town patients (if you know). I have been on TRT for 4 years and, due to a change in situation, I am in need of a new doc.


The clinic is in Fla. Yes, they take out of town patients. I'm probably not allowed to post sources and this may include clinics. Just check out some of the other "steroid" boards and you should be able to figure it out.

Since I'm new here, I don't want my first posts to be about where to score. I plan on opening up a case thread once I get labs done.


unless your levels are below 250 you shouldn't be on TRT. your level of 399 is good at your age, taking and cycling t-boosters would help greatly. should look at estradiol levels, and mabe the cause of symtoms.


They must see you in person to make this legal.

They do not provide you with scripts. They will ship drugs, needles and swabs and the costs are high. Bigger dose = bigger profits.