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Opinions on Home Workout?


Right,so my gym got flooded due to incredibly heavy rainfall in the last couple of weeks here in Cork.I'm trying to get the funds together to join a new one,but until then,will have to train at home.After scoping around the garage for about half an hour I eventually did this workout,and was pretty fucked by the end.

Single leg squats with 40kg coalbag on back-4 x 10
Pull ups on 2 x 4 beam-5 x 6
front raises with half full gas canister-5 x 11
reverse flies with 9 kg dbs-5 x 12

What would this kind of workout do from a strength and performance point of view,and does anyone have any other suggestions/experience of training from out of a garage using random as fuck things like those listed above??

Any input appreciated.


Good for you for not letting this set you back.
A lot of people would not have had the determination to be as resourceful as you are being.
Look up excersizes that originated in jail. If you have a strong bag of some sort, put some heavy objects in it and do curls and various other dumbbell related excersizes with it. Decline pushups off a desk or something with weight on your back can really work your chest well. There is plenty of information out there about routines and methods that were created in jail that you could adapt and expand on. Burpies are good too. Good luck, and I hope this helped a bit.



Thats a good site full of tons of different exercises, it might be helpful to scroll through a bunch of them and then think if you can supplement the dumbbell or barbell with something around your garage. It may be easier to use random materials in some exercises rather then others.