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Opinions on HGH for Injury Recovery?


Yes? No? Potential sides? (ie. Pros vs cons)
If so, how long? How much and when to take? Would benefits be temporary? What would this approximately cost?

I'm leaving this open to discussion I know I am not providing much detail and it is very vague.. Before I get into any specifics I just want to understand more about the topic and learn as much as I can from experienced users. I am still a natural lifter although I have been reading up on AAS for years (excluding any forms of HGH). Would the benefits be limited to tears in ligaments/tendons/labrum(cartilage) or would it also help with getting rid of stubborn tendinitis?

I have no access to any as of now.. but I can't imagine itd be terribly hard to find in my area. I have been off for months now between broken bones, tendinitis virtually everywhere, a tear in my supraspinatus and a potential SLAP labral tear. I'm going crazy.. I just want to lift.. any information will be greatly appreciated.. I go to physiotherapy 3 x a week and there has been no improvement for 8 weeks now.

Thank you in advance.


hgh should speed up the recovery process

you could also try 100mcg GHRP-6 and 100mcg CJC1295 (w/out the DAC - depending) 2-3x per day

i've seen differences in the CJC dose though... some say you only need it once per day others that you should use it with each G6 shot... i really havent seen enough evidence to put 100% faith in either though


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Thanks again guys I appreciate it.
What is the approximate street price for GHRP6 or CJC? I have loads of questions as you can imagine. When I have some spare time I'll try to get some of my own research in so I dont feel so ignorant for bombarding you all with questions. I'll come back in a week or two after these examinations die down.

Any additional opinions/suggestions/experience is encouraged!



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Do you run HGH and GHRP-6 concurrently?


IIRC yes he does... i believe the purpose is it potentiates a greater total GH spike and keeps the pituitary producing endo-GH while you're on

correct me if im wrong...


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oh and BBB, do you have a preference between G6 and G2 - not taking price into consideration?


Would Anavar help at all with the tendinitis? My guess is no.. just curious .. I cant seem to get a hold of any GHRP6 or CJC.. the price is reasonable.. just simply no source.


lol ignore that last comment.. I guess I'm just desperate lookin' for alternatives. I'm sure even if var would help, it would only be temporary - where as ghrp/cjc would be relatively permanent until it acted up again


Pac, I had a nagging tendonitis, and had it defeated with x2/day dozes of GHRP6. My rehab work included negative-only hammer curls, and mild foam rolling the arm. Find the arm position/rotation of least discomfort, and do 2-3 sets of negatives. I used as much weight as I could without causing too much pain.


Sorry to jump in but, I did not want to start a new thread asking the same questions. I was wondering if there is something that HGH or GHRP6 will not be effective for.

1) I have developed tendonitis in my right knee and have seriously been looking into HGH it is to the point where squats are painful as well as running and walking if it is long enough.

2) My close friend suffered burns on his neck and the inside of his arm/elbow as a result the skin in the area is tethered which unables him to fully extend his arm this has caused imbalances in regard to training, he has had therapy to try and help but, it has not done much. It was suggested he have dermabrasion or laser resurfacing this of course can have significant downtime depending on treatment needs. Would HGH or GHRP6 aid in the healing of skin?



Xilinx glad to hear it helped. I'm definitely going to try to get my hands on some... quite difficult so far. How long did you use it for before you felt it was completely gone? Or is this something you go on and off of?

I would imagine so Seraphim.. but if he had that treatment done and supplemented it with GH.. it would speed that recovery too.. I'm afraid I don't know enough to give much more than my opinion.


According to my log, I could start rebuild hammer curl strength after 6 weeks, and do supinated work after 2-3 more. That is x3 faster than I recall last time I had such a problem (but I didn't know about the negative-only work back then, so its not very scientific)

p.s. I was also using Modified GRF(1-29) with the GHRP6 at the time.


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With GHRP-6 and CJC 1295 .. would I be administering 50 mcg of each 2-3 times per day.. or 100mcg of each.. 2-3x per day?? (i'm thinking ill do 2 x/d for convenience.. )

Will the combination make THAT much of a difference? I understand they are synergists but for simplicity sake and for my purpose (*rehab) will GHRP6 with the regular physiotherapy that I do be enough? I dont mind using both.. just curious.. Moreover, I hear that ghrp6 may irritate ones sleeping pattern if taken right before bed.. so.. what do you reccomend? morning and before bed.. with less ghrp6 (say 30 mcg?) .. or... morning and say an hour after dinner with equivilant amounts of both (100 mcg)

and lastly.. from an aesthetics perspective.. is scar tissue build up an issue with subq injections? Do you cycle injection sites? or is there not much an issue .. seeing as subq inj are essentially painless.

Thanks for all of your help guys


"Lurxalot: you could also try 100mcg GHRP-6 and 100mcg CJC1295 (w/out the DAC - depending) 2-3x per day "

apologies I just re-read all this.. so please allow me to rephrase one of my questions as a confirmation instead hahah



Anyone have any view on number 2? I have no need for it but, am geuinely curious.