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Opinions on HCG/HMG Fertility Protocol?

My doctor prescribed me HCG and HMG for fertility.
The goal is to bank some quality sperm. My count was almost zero when tested.

The doctor prescribed HMG 75-150iu 3x/w, and HCG 2500iu once a week.
The problem is that like everyone should know, HCG has a pretty short half life. So it’s obvious I have to tinker with the HCG dosing a bit.

What do you guys think of this kind of solution?

HMG 75iu Mon, Wed, Fri
HCG 500iu Tue, Thu, Sat

I think this would give the most steady ride, without nasty spikes in my levels.

Gonna get bloods after few weeks to see if the dpse needs to be changed somehow.

Assuming adequate testicular function, that should be fine. However, I would follow the doctor’s recommendation regarding dosing (800IU 3x/week).

Just curious, did your insurance cover the HMG?

For what it’s worth, I’m on 50IU’s of FSH 3x a week and 500IU’s of HCG 3x a week (both purely for fertility).

I haven’t been on long enough to re-test yet but man FSH is expensive to buy out of pocket. $625 for 10 weeks worth (1500 IU’s) through Empower, and that’s 10 weeks at a relatively low dose… I’d prefer to be taking twice this amount but trying to keep the costs down.

I checked GoodRX to see what a “regular” pharmacy would charge and it was $625 for 375 IU’s, so 4x what I’m paying right now…

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Thanks for the answer. So pretth much same protocol as mine.

I wish my insurance would cover it but no. I pay it put of my own pocket, and it’s indeed some expensive stuff haha.
A bit over 200€ for 600iu.
Luckily we have pretty good system where I live, and you get covered 40% of the price, so I only need to pay 60% of the 200€.
Still a lot more expensive than HCG tho.

Anyways, good luck with your fertility journey man. Hopefully we will both be able to be dads some day.

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