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Opinions on Greg Nuckols LP Program?

Has anyone ever tried greg nuckols linear periodisation program? Considering this or back to 531. Just peaked out and looking to drop intensity, build up some volume etc. heres the link https://www.t-nation.com/training/how-to-use-linear-periodization.

This is more like a peaking cycle than something to use for long term progress. If you need to peak for a meet in a couple months then it is OK, but if you don’t need to peak then don’t. Maybe stop the cycle when you get to a new 3rm and start over. 5/3/1 is a fairly simple program that you can use to make progress for a long time and there are a lot of different templates for those who don’t know how to design their own program, for someone not about to compete and just looking to get bigger and stronger I would go with 5/3/1.

Thanks chris, yeah i compete but only once a year was going to be twice this year but had family holiday around the same date. I still like to run small peaks/higher intensity work throughout the year. 531 has worked before so its hard not to go back to it. Any other opinions on gregs program welcomed as i havn’t heard a great deal about it.

That method has been around since the beginning of the sport. Nothing new.

The way you run it in the off season is to do mini cycles thusly:
Week 1 - 3 x 8
Week 2 - 3 x 5
Week 3 - 3 x 3
Week 4 - 2 x 2
Repeat with a slightly higher weight or the same weight with a higher rep range. Many ways to skin the cat. Notice that this mini cycle is not that different from 5/3/1. Remember that every NEW HOT program builds on those that came before. That’s why we should study lifting history.

The only place you add 10 pounds per week to your bench press work sets, for 3 consecutive months( 3 sets to failure?), is in a Fairy Tale.

If you’re responding to me read my post again. I don’t say anything about how much weight is added every cycle. Neither did I say anything about training to failure. I haven’t failed a lift in years. I never attempt a weight in the gym that I don’t 100% believe I can make.

If you get injured in a meet, cool. If you get injured in the gym that’s not cool.

No, no, sorry. That was in response to Knuckles incredible progression scheme. Even faster that Ripplestilkskin.

No problem.

That’s why I caution paying attention to too many internet programs.

I think you misread something, you are supposed to start off doing sets of 12 and end up with triples (or singles if you are actually peaking). I have done similar cycles in the past, I don’t see why it can’t work but for someone with lower numbers it might end up being cut short. For example, I could probably do something like 285 for 12 and something in the upper 300’s for a single, right there that’s at least 10 weeks assuming I don’t actually get stronger.

I thought it said 70% for max reps to start. Then fight as hard as possible not to lose reps as the weight goes up.

Maybe I didn’t see it correctly.