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Opinions on First Cycle: Test, Mass Stack, Dbol, Anadrol

I started my first cycle about a 10 days ago. I’m 33, 5’7 200# about 15%.
My cycle consists of:
Test 400 every 3 days
Mass stack 350 every 3 days
25mg of dbol twice a day
50mg of anadrol a day

My question is is this to much. I’m seeing gains, staying at a mellow temperament, and eating right as well as hitting weights everyday.

Are you serious?

What makes you think running all these compounds right out of the gate is a good idea? Hopefully your gainzzzzz are greater then your common sense.

Drop everything besides the test for your first cycle.

Do you have an AI on hand?


I’m with him on this one but I’d at least drop the mass and anadrol plus I’d also add something for your liver

Milk thistle and an AI

What I was advised to take for first cycle

What AI?

Who advised you? The person who sold or got you the gear?

Person I got the gear from
I also asked a few others I know and all said I’d be fine.

Just wanted unbiased opinions

Bro this is garbage. Your running multiple compounds that raise estogen to the point of gyno and your using a over the counter bullshit AI?

Im not giving you an “opinion” I’m giving you facts. Your about to fuck yourself up like you can’t imagine.

I highly suggest you stop this cycle and do some research and stop listening to your steroid dealer on what to use. I doubt he’s going to pay for your gyno surgery.

Do you have pct drugs on hand? If so what drugs?

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Here you want a few unbiased opinions?
You don’t have to listen to me maybe one of these guys can better help you.


And anyone else who is “unbiased”

I’ll give an in depth response soon.

Unsure what Mass stack is but this cycle (if it’s a first) is a joke… The doses aren’t high enough (sarcasm obviously)

I’d be bigger than Franco Columbu (I reckon) If I used these doses, ate and trained like a beast lol.

Where to start … ?

First, a first cycle should always be ONLY testosterone. If you spend twenty minutes and look at three different sites they will all say that (the veterans will). So if you should only take Testosterone on your first cycle then simply drop all the other stuff.

For reference I have been running cycles for years and I don’t like going over 1.5 grams of hormones per week, you are at 2.2 grams on your first cycle… something is wrong with this picture. I only go to 1.5 when I do my Trifecta stack once a year.

I am choosing to be kinder and gentler with my response to this thread, I really don’t know why. I need to point out that even though you probably used a UGL brand that all your friends use and they all know what the “mass stack 350” is, we don’t. I am assuming it’s either EQ or deca with some more test, but idk. I can’t really comment on your choice of how you are mixing compounds if I dont know exactly what you are injecting.

You have commented that you are seeing gains already. I promise you it’s all water bloat from all the extra estrogen that is now in your system. Please stop taking everything except the testosterone and I am hesitant to even say you taking anything is ok.

You NEED NEED NEED to order an Aromatase Inhibitor. We shorten that to AI. The three main ones are arimidex aromasin and femara. Those are trade names so most places use pharmaceutical names. That AI attached to the enzyme that breaks down testosterone into estrogen. That enzyme can break down any “wet” compound and you are taking nothing but wet compounds and your two orals are extremely prone to breaking down into estrogen. Basically anytime our bodies detect too much testosterone or other wet hormones our bodies try to lower that extra amount by breaking it down into estrogen. So with what you are taking your body is producing a HUGE amount of the enzyme and that enzyme is making enough estrogen to turn you into a woman, no joke, no exaggerating, no time to wait. Stop taking everything except the test, that is if you are going to proceed and get the AI you need.

Even if you stop taking everything except the test your body is still going to produce the extra enzyme for a while so literally 70-80% or more of your test will be turned into estrogen. You NEED an AI more than you need your next meal.

Since you need to order an AI and I saw nothing about Post Cycle Therapy you also need a SERM aka selective estrogen receptor modulator. The main two are Nolvadex and Clomid, I suggest Nolvadex. Some guys react to clomid plus Nolvadex is stronger per mg. Now you need that SERM for when you stop taking steroids at the end of your cycle. They will help get your body to produce it’s own testosterone again.

Please stop taking all that gear you are heading to a world of hurt. The estrogen issues alone will fuck your world. You don’t want to grow tits and you don’t want your dick to go limp for a year or more. Seriously that’s what you are headed to.


I was commenting on “what is a mass stack?” while you got in there and posted before me.

What’s the “trifecta” stack if I may ask

Furthermore how many years have you run cycles for? How old are you

@now_i_care will you check your email please

I call it Trifecta, it’s basically one from each of the three families. A test based, DHT based and a 19-nor based. Full disclosure I have always been scared of Deca, just like my dick too much to risk it. I as of now have only ran one NPP stack, since it was my first dance just ran it with test and threw in some winstrol at the end when I knew I wasn’t having issues.

I am in the later half of my thirties, rather not think on the exact number because 40 is coming for us all and it will be here for me sooner than most of you here.

As far as how many years? Do I count the prohormone years before I realized I was basically chasing my tail with them? For injectables I would have to get out a calendar and really think when I first pinned but it was about this time of year and I want to say it was five or six years ago. I use to work on the road researching property rights for oil Wells so I think of time as when I was in X town. I would have to get out old invoices to know for sure. I could for sure tell you what town I was in and how nervous I was going to my post office box. I remember they wanted a local address and I had a hell of a time explaining I needed the box for work and I was there with the oil well stuff. It was a town built on oil so they usually cater to us but that damn Post Master was a dick. Later found out everyone used the post office on the far side of town for that reason, the Post Master had a little bit of power so she was going to say “no” whenever she could.

Man this is ugly. Rule #2 is never listen to the guy who sells you the drugs.


I didn’t catch the whole “I got the advice from my dealer” thing.
I don’t know if I would have been as kind and gentle if I had caught it.