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Opinions on Favorite Sport(s)?


I just wonder what everyone favorite sport is : ) I like muscle building and all of that, but to me its a very individual sport. I don't do it for the approval of others. I work out because of the personal gains I can reach.

On the other hand, my favorite sport is MotoGP. Yes the sport is somewhat individual with the riders. But every rider HAS to have a team of mechanics who support him and do their jobs for each individual. Yet with out a world class rider, the team would go no where. The bikes of MotoGP weigh more than 330lbs and have a theoretical hp of over 220 hp (true numbers are not published). With a hp/wt ratio of 1 to 1.5, they are just a little bit fast. The top speed is currently 217mph. The only things that can turn faster lap times are formula one cars. The reason those cars are faster is because of four wide tires pushed down with the wings. The faster a F1 car is, the more stable they are. The engines of MotoGP are all naturally aspirated and sound fucking awesome!!

I can't stand nascart or anything to do with racing cars in a circle. Do you know what the acronym is for nascar? Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks. Drag racing is only slightly better then that garbage. The problem arises with drag racing because they drive in ONLY a straight line, for just a 1/4 mile. Throw a corner in front of a drag driver and he wont make it through. The same can be said with nascar and a right turn ; )


I've never liked team sports, or car racing. But I do like all things iron related (BBing, Oly and power lifting, strongman events). I also like big wave surfing, vert skateboarding, MotoX, collegiate wrestling.


IM like IronDwarf and living in South Europe ,where soccer is played extensively, was a nightmare when I was a kid.Then I grew up,got stronger and bigger then my friends and i don't really get bothered cos they know imma break their legs.Anyways add in the mix Boxing , gymnastics and martial arts in general.


Bike Racings GOAT...Valentino Rossi.


big wave surfing is so damn intense ... I used to get videos of it from a local surf shop ... Laird Hamilton is a beast ... I always enjoyed watching surfing videos and surfing myself ... always a good time even if the surf was kind of off for the day


lacrosse, hockey, boxing.. grew up playing or watching them



I love getting hit in the face and the conditioning for these sports is just beautiful. Keeps me hurt, keeps me aware of things I need to do to prevent myself from getting hurt. Reinforces my perfection with punishment...as fucked up as that sounds. Football is ok kinda.


Bodybuilding (recently)

i'm with drwarf team sports are lame


Love rugby. Follow my provincial team with a passion(Munster) and obviously the Irish team. Ireland recently became the only international team in the professional era to go a whole year unbeaten(drew with Australia a few weeks ago) and it's popular opinion over the world that our own Brian O'Driscoll(the greatest centre to have ever lived) was robbed of the IRB's Player of the Year award which was recently given to Richie McCaw of the All Blacks.
The Irish coach got Coach of the Year award.

I'm not a competitive person though, I played rugby for a season and really enjoyed the training sessions but didn't enjoy the matches. So as much as I love the sport and I watch it as often as possible, I have little interest in playing it.


Hey Polo
Not sure if we covered this in the past in another thread, but have you seen "Riding Giants"?

Effin' awesome! Laird is great, but I was more impressed with Jeff Clark. He was the first to ride Mavericks... at the age of 15!! That fucker rode Mavericks ALONE for 15 years before any pros got word of it.




Football and raquetball, and of course i love pumping the iron.


You should check out a movie called 'First Descent.' It's like the snowboarding equivalent to Riding Giants(kind of, can't really first descent a wave but close enough), documentary of some of the greatest snowboarders on the planet flying in helicopters to Alaska and riding mountains that have never been touched by man.


When I was younger played the traditional sports like football, wrestling, track, etc., but as I've gotten older I find myself drawn to more individual strength related sports like powerlifting, strongman, and highland games. I just wish ESPN would show more strength sports instead of having fucking poker and bowling on all the time.


Agreed, poker f%%%%%% sucks, bowling isn't too bad, but there's not much that's better than watching stongman, powerlifting and etc.


Lol, I had a good laugh at this one. I'm actually kind of surprised at how many people on here don't enjoy team sports, which I take to be mainstream sports like basketball and football. I sort of expected half the people on this site to be jocks. No offense, of course. I love snowboarding, but I'm not great at it or anything. I went snowboarding in Argentina and Chile this past summer. I also love to watch skateboarding, and I used to love doing it as a kid. I got sort of discouraged at my lack of progression and quit, though. I've been meaning to pick it up again, but I just haven't. I really wanna start surfing. The Northeast has some decent-ish waves if you're patient. I'm just a little worried about how territorial surfers tend to get.


I enjoy a good rugby match. Living in USA we cant watch alot of it so I play it. I also Like Munster too. But aside from that, I like college football, Oly Lifting, Aussie Rules, and Judo.


My major hobbies are combat sports/martial arts, physique enhancement, and strength and conditioning. So of course I love all combat sports and martial arts. I am also a pretty big fan of natty bodybuilding, fitness and muscle model competitions. Since I am also into the strength and conditioning stuff I also keep track of strength sports and things like gymnastics and decathlon since these are sports that basically test athleticism and make up strength and conditioning programs. Just got done with a season of rugby so I will see if that makes it onto my list.