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Opinions on EDT Please

So I’m not REALLY a beginner, but then again I am ya know? Lifted freshman year in highschool, then pretty much stopped after I quit wrestling, now I’m a junior, and started lifting seriously about 3 months ago (until now, taking a month or two off for hernia surgery, dunno how that happend!). So basically, when I’m all recovered and all is said and done, I would like to go back to EDT (I’ve used it before, but my diet sucked, so I didn’t gain as much as I should’ve probably). SO, my question to all of you is what are your opinions on EDT and what kind of gains have you made?
Also what are your opinions on using compound movements with EDT instead of machines (or at least doing deadlifts in the program)? I’d like to gain more lean mass (I’m a “beastly” 142 lbs. at 5’8" lol!).

Comments, suggestions, and crticism welcome. Thanks folks!


First of all, EDT is awesome. It works, works well, and it is fun.

But you must eat, Eat, EAT, or you will not add anything.

Rather than look at a “eat everything I can get my hands on” diet, think eating alot of clean fuel.

Make sure you get enough protein, but avoid alcohol and soda pop like the plague. Eat enough protein, and get enough good fat and carbs. Blahblahblah. There are plenty of articles on T-Nation to guide you. Do what they say!

Finally, if you really want to make every rep count, get in touch with Coach Staley, or better yet, join his forum.

It’ll be worth so much more than it costs, and you will never regret a single week with access to it.

Train, eat, rest, repeat.

Been playing around with it a bit. Got his video and stuff, and I really enjoy it. Kinda makes things simplier for me, if that makes sense. I like simple things. Check out his video it is actually worth the money.

I love EDT. The idea of setting a PR each time in the gym, keeps me very motivated.

If you can do 15 min. of deads, you’re a better man than I…

Thanks ya’ll for the comments so far. I think my biggest mistake previously was not eating enough, and not getting enough protein. I guess I’ll definitely give it a try after I’m recovered from surgery, whenever that’ll be. Any comments on using at least deadlifts in this program, and even barbell bench (or dumbbell), rows, and hack squats (all with done with spotters so as not to kill myself)? Once again, thank you, and I’ll take a look at Staley’s books and vids and stuff. I was thinking about getting the Muscle Logic EDT book. Looks cool.

I really liked the EDT work I was doing recently.

I did the major lifts first, like squats or deads, then did a PR Zone involving a compound movement and something less taxing with it.

Such as dips and curls, rows and abs, chins and DB presses.

Watching the numbers improve lets you know that you are forcing some type of adaptation to happen!

EDT loved it currently taking a break and will go back to it after this traibning cycle.

Yes you must eat enough.

here is a link that may help. Lots of good info on EDT with compund movements etc… I really liked all the methods I tried.

Any further ?'s dont hesitate
Hope that helps,

One of, if not the favorite workout of mine for adding mass.

People are right about eating.

Expect to be sore.
I mean sore!
I mean 4 year old child can beat you up sore!

[quote]The Mage wrote:
One of, if not the favorite workout of mine for adding mass.

People are right about eating.

Expect to be sore.
I mean sore!
I mean 4 year old child can beat you up sore![/quote]

I agree. Though Staley always says that soreness is not sought or a goal by god it happens just as Mage stated.

Great program and very challenging. There are some advantages to using machines as the stabilizer muscles go out fast on EDT. Especially if you are using dumbbells or kettlebells. If mass is your main goal, try the machines version. If you want strength as well, stick with free weights. Both? Do half and half.

Mike Mahler

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll definitely give EDT another shot, and this time fix my biggest mistake of not eating!

Phil- Thanks for the link; extremely helpful. I still gotta read it in full, but I’ll let you know if I have any more questions, thanks again.:smiley:

I’ve been doing EDT and cutting over the last 2 1/2 months. Despite having a 1 week stomach flu and then a bad cold for 10 days during this period, and cheating a little more than I should have, I’ve gotten stronger, added muscle and my body fat is lower than ever (low teens). I’m starting to see abs for the first time in my life. Each workout has been tremendous and I’ve been sore nearly every day. 80% of the exercises performed are heavy compounds, BTW.

I can’t wait to try this while bulking in November.

Ok, I’ve conjured up a quick (as in right off the top of my head just now) little plan for myself when I can lift again. Here’s how it looks:

15 minute PR zone
Bench & Row

15 minute PR zone
Deadlift & Bulgarian (one legged) squats

15 minute PR zone
Shoulder Press & Chins

I know it looks pretty skimpy, but I figure since I’m using larger compound lifts I have pretty much all the major muscles covered, and each day will be done in superset fashion. Everything will be done with a spotter as well. If I feel assistance lifts are needed I’ll add them in for a short, 7 minute PR zone after the lift they fit most with. Any critiques to this program? Too little? Too much? Thanks ya’ll, I appreciate it.

Gave me over an inch jump on my arm size. The perfect beast in my opinion. Deceptively simple, devastatingly effective.


Crap disc, that’s a pretty big jump in arm size (and judging by your avatar, you got some BIG arms).