Opinions on Drugs and Bodybuilding

LarryDavid rescued this thread. Damn, son.

Im pretty sure the Mr O competitors are clean. They sign a contract acknowledging that illicit drug use is not allowed in the IFBB. U R all haterz

This OP is just as retarded as those responses. Some guys like 'roids, some don’t. Whoop-Di-Fucking-Doo!!
The title “Get a Life” has never been more accurate.

There are only 8 posts in this thread, homosexuals and some females may have a different opinion, but there are only 8.

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FTR, I am not nor have I ever been “clean”

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uh,. I’m sorry, what was the question again?


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LarryDavid rescued this thread. Damn, son.[/quote]

Thats also a good point. Who the fuck wants to see athletes clean? And why?

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They look big, strong and lean without the drugs. They look bigger, stronger and leaner with the drugs.[/quote]

This is a good answer. Also, don’t kid yourself into thinking natural necessarily means “natural”.

The massive ripped guy at your gym may or may not be on drugs, and the skinny fat guy who doesn’t even looks like he lifts could also be on them.

But yeah, the pro athletes are still better at their sport than you or I, with or without a bit of gear. [/quote]

Yeah, the underlying thing is their genetics. They’re more suited towards BB. The drugs would just propel them farther past the average dude than they all ready are.

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And OP…You sound like my 50 year old parents…not cool bro…not cool.

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O RLY!!![/quote]

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And OP…You sound like my 50 year old parents…not cool bro…not cool.[/quote]

LOL this.

I recommend you do some reading on the subject, maybe even watch ‘Bigger Stronger Faster’. The more you know, the less you will have this odd opinion on the matter.

is celtics back?