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Opinions on Drugs and Bodybuilding


i seen the magazines with the huge huge guys.. the top bodybuilders.. these guys are so big, its like a cartoon..
anyway, how much do the drugs arnold, frank zane, tom platz boyer coe and all of todays bodybuilders play in making them look the way they did? i seen the top mr. natural guys and they look awsome, but skinny and small compared to the drug users..

maybe it effects every differently. maybe arnold would have come in 10th without the drugs. guy looks horrible now.
not working out too much i imagine, but i often wonder where these guys would be without the drugs they took.. like the local big natural guy at any gym?
be nice to see every pro athlete clean.. hell, maybe they are no better than you and i..


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They look big, strong and lean without the drugs. They look bigger, stronger and leaner with the drugs.


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They are better.




This is a good answer. Also, don't kid yourself into thinking natural necessarily means "natural".

The massive ripped guy at your gym may or may not be on drugs, and the skinny fat guy who doesn't even looks like he lifts could also be on them.

But yeah, the pro athletes are still better at their sport than you or I, with or without a bit of gear.


Oh ...no no - they are.

The men who stand on the Olympia stage are the elite of the elite in genetic makeup - drugs or no drugs. Don't kid yourself - they are.


One has to admit though that part of what makes them better is a very resilient liver.


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I'd rather see them all on structured, physician-monitored drug programs, cause I want to see the biggest, fastest, and most powerful athletes possible.

I don't understand the fascination with professional athletes being "clean." Frankly, I think it's retarded.


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If you are going to play games like "what if", why not change the direction of them to "what is"?

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OP, please don't post anymore. You've destroyed yourself in two badly worded, poorly structured and grammatically incorrect paragraphs.

And WTF difference does it make whether they are clean or not? They're still going to crush 99.99% of the population with their God given talents and genetics, anyway. Couple that with an appropriate work ethic and steroids or not, it won't make what they have achieved any more attainable to you.


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Actually, I think a purposely PED league would be more interesting.