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Opinions On Drinking

When you guys are on a cycle do you:

1.) Not drink at all

2.) Drink sparingly (glass of wine here, couple beers there)

3.) Get drunk

I’m talking injectibles here, not liver toxic orals etc.

I choose not to drink when on as I would not want to do anything to harm gains. I however have heard varying opinions, mostly from the “A few won’t kill ya” camp, which I won’t say is wrong.

Just curious.

Most injectables are not that liver toxic so no a good night of drinking isnt going to harm you. But like you said its not exactly going to help either.

What injectables?

I’m only on Test-E at 500mg/week right now. I was just curious what other peoples habits were.

I’m talking from a strictly “I don’t want to mess up my gains” viewpoint. Not from a health viewpoint that is why I excluded orals and other substances which are toxic to the liver, hence not the best to use while drinking.

i would suggest not to work out on the day you decide to drink. any hinderance of your potential gains would be minimum. good luck



Alcohol dehydrates you, thus sucks alot not all but some of the suplements and water out of your body be it roids,creatine etc.I always try not to get to hammered to often. Drink alot of water with the alcohol and a shitload before you go to bed (along with some aspirin and get ready to piss like a S.O.B.) a couple of days you’ll be fine.But some really good times can set you back as much as a week before you get back to normal. Sucks huh? Anyway that just what I find