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Opinions on Cycle


I have been through one cycle already (test eth only, 13 weeks). My body reacted pretty well to it, and since I was "Playing it safe" the first cycle, I am looking to get into a better, perhaps more effective cycle in my second one.

I am 40 Years old, have been training for 2 years consistently. I am just looking to gain as much muscle mass as I can.

I was thinking of what seems to be a very simple and common cycle.

Weeks 1-4 Dbol 30 ml/day (on workout days, 10 in off days)
Test Eth. 500 mg/week
Weeks 5-10 Test Eth. 750 mg/week
Deca 750 mg/week
Weeks 11-12 Test Eth 500 mg/week
Deca 500 mg/week
Nolvadex 20 mg/day
Week 13 Test Eth 250 mg
Deca 250 mg
Novaldex 20 mg

Clomid 20 mg/day (not very familiar with how long the PCT is supposed to last. Anyone?)

Is this a pretty good skeleton for a cycle?

I have a while to get it sorted out, any help would be appreciated.



No. You should start from square one because more things need to be changed than should remain.

750mg of deca per week is retarded.

I dont recommend deca for anyone close to your age but that's your risk to take.

You should use the search function.


Well that was informative. I haven't read anything about Deca being less effective or dangerous for people "my age" so would you care to elaborate?

There was a lot of derision in your post, but absolutely nothing informative.

Hopefully the next poster will take the time.



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Ahhh, gotcha! I am reading some different things on Deca, so it is nice to get the info from experienced lifters.

Would you suggest staying away from Deca altogether or staying closer to normal dosages like 400mg?
I guess now I am seeing more and more postings saying that the deca should run from the beginning just 2 weeks or so shorter than the test and that the Dbol is just for the first 4 as a "kicker".

Is a 400 dosage more in line with what I should be doing? Or is there another compound that might be better for my age group and goals?

Thanks guys (yes you too Bonez)


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Really? I guess I was including it because I have heard so many good things about it's effectiveness.

I have read that EQ actually isn't as good a mass builder as Deca.

Should I go with a straight Test cycle or is there something else that I can stack with it to make it even more effective? (Other than the Dbol in the first month)


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Gotcha, fewer side effects is a good thing! Thanks for the feedback!