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Opinions on Cutting at the End of A Bulk

Hey guys, first post and first cycle.

I’m about half way through and seeing great gains and increases in strength but was wondering if it’s plausible to cut towards the later weeks.

27, 220, 6’0, and if had to guess maybe like 16-17% body fat

Current Cycle:
Test E - 600 mg Week 1-12
Tren E - 400 mg Week 1-12
Dbol 50 mg Week 3-6 (supplier took longer)
Arimidex .5 mg EOD

I’m loving everything but the little belly I’ve always had. I’m formerly obese and learned to cut when I wrestled in HS. In 3 years dropped from 255 to 185. Was thinking of adding
Weeks 8-14 Winny 50mg ED
Weeks 12-13 DNP @ 200 my ED (I’ve run this before at 800mg only lasted 8 days and it was hell but was at home the whole time with a fan on me and in the AC)

I’m eating between 3500-4000 calories right now but was thinking of cutting super hard weeks 10-14 between 1500-2000 calories. I’d probably throw ECA for the energy and appetite suppression. Then after week 14 start PCT because the test and tren would be out of my system and go back to slightly above maintenance.

I guess I should mention I have all this stuff on hand already as well so acquiring it would not be an issue.

Why dnp? Sure it apparently works. Yet it’s also the most viscous compound you could take. There are better alternatives with way less risk and equal reward, over a longer timeframe.

Well i have 15 200 mg caps already. And I’ve run it before, but it was hell at such high dose.

I’d run clen, but I just got a new job and I can get randomly drug tested and would rather not deal with the false positive for amps.

I figure 200 mg a day will be much more manageable than 800.

Or I guess I could run T3 with ECA for weeks 10-14
I just figured I could go for quicker results while still on AAS because once i take that last dose and the compound are out of my system isnt the goal to try and preserve as much as you can.