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Opinions on cocoa powder?

Is unsweetened cocoa powder a healthy flavoring for oatmeal, etc? People are always talking about the health benefits of dark chocolate, even though the added sugar negates things.

Hi, Mikazuki. I believe our diets should work for us as much as possible. Look for ways to make things you want work. Chocolate is a quality-of-life thing. Since the numbers (i.e., calories and macronutrients) are listed on the box, just plan accordingly. Instead of using sugar, use Splenda. No calories, no carbs. Life doesn’t get any better, does it? (grin)

Thank you. I guess there’s nothing harmful from it then. :slight_smile:

I often put unsweetened cocoa in my oatmeal. The best way is to make it on the stove. Add the 1 tbs cocoa with the oatmeal. For kicks, throw in 1 tbs natural pb. Like Terry said, finish with Splenda.

I think the health benefits are in the cocoa butter, of which cocoa powder has none (it’s all been removed to make it into powder).Plus, well IMHO unsweetened powder tastes really bad.

Cocoa butter contains stearic acid, which may convert to monounsaturated fat. Other health benefits I am not aware of. If it’s just in the butter, you can just eat white chocolate, that is just cocoa butter (plus sugar). Bittersweet chocolate has less sugar, I really like that but you have to really love chocolate to get into it because it’s not very sweet at all.

I put GROW! in my oatmeal, with some molasses for sweetness. It tastes just like Count Chocula!

I just read a university study in Prevention mag that said that cocoa powder has the highest amount of flavonoids, followed by dark and milk choc, respectively. Thought I’d throw that in there.

Any of you guys happen to know where I can buy some big chunks of white chocolate? I love white chocolate…