Opinions on Bowflex?

Hello Dr Darden!
I’m Wanting to start putting together a home gym and I was just curious if you still consider the Bowflex to be a good option? I own the Bowflex body plan book and they seem to be pretty cheap on Facebook marketplace. Thanks in advance!

Good question. Considering the same. The market seems endless though. Bowflex vs other alternatives? Anyone having experience?

I still have a 25-year-old Bowflex machine in my home gym. And I frequently use it during my workouts. The Bowflex Body Plan book shares a lot of useful information about the machine.

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Just what I was hoping to hear! It seems like it would be a great start to my home gym. Coupled with my “Bowflex Body Plan” book, it seems like I’ll have a real winning formula there!

I used the Bowflex Ultimate for about six years. Using it exclusively, I lost a bit of muscle especially in lower body…something with the strength curves is just not right in my opinion. The negative feels a little too light as well, but I never measured it. If you do you use it, I would incorporate other equipment as I later did. I did sell it off and moved to the Powertec Multi-station which I found superior.

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