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Opinions on Bigger, Faster, Stronger Gear?


Biggerfasterstronger is having a 30% sale, so I've been thinking about picking up some equipment from them (I'm putting together a home gym with the money I'm saving from this deployment). I was thinking about buying the following equipment:

  • Varsity Power Clean Platform
  • Flat Bench
  • Adjustable Decline Bench
  • Adjustable Seated Incline

Does anyone have any experience with BFS' equipment? I'm sure it's good, but I figured I'd get some opinions before spending a good chunk of cash.


the squat racks are ok, if your looking for some good deals, it seems to be a good place…


I was looking at the EliteFTS R3 Power Rack along with the Deluxe GHR and Reverse Hyper Pro. I was also considering the flat/incline/decline benches from Legend Fitness. They’re more reasonably priced than those at EliteFTS and appear to be of the same quality.

If the BFS benches don’t pan out, I’ll order from Legend Fitness (Along with the Reverse Hyper) and see what kind of package deal I can get. I do recall reading in another post that you can get a good deal if you e-mail the company directly.


the platforms are pretty sick for ol lifts and deadlifts, the benches are just as solid and so are the racks but i found the racks to be slightly narrow


The awesome thing about Legend Fitness is this: If there is something that you want to change…ask!
Someone wasn’t happy that the holes on the cages didn’t go further down…just ask! We’ll customize it and put them down as far as you want them to go. If you want an honest, objective comparison of racks or cages - PM me.