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Opinions on Aromatase Inhibitors


Which one do you guys like the best. I have always used a'dex in the past, but have read many people now prefer Letro. What are you opinions? Thanks guys.


A lot of people's opinions on the matter, in my limited experience, seem to be shaped based on their thoughts regarding having below natural estrogen levels. If you prescribe to the belief that the body needs a certain level of estrogen to be healthy, you'd likely opt for nolva and/or A-dex. If you don't feel there is any need for estrogen in any considerable amount, you'd opt for letro.

I don't really buy into the male body needing any estrogen and therefore have opted for Letro so far. I've been pretty pleased.


Except that some estrogen upregulates the Glut4 receptors . . .


Thanks for your help.


I prefer taking letro in small dosages: 1 mg per day or less to keep estrogen at normal levels.


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I would suggest you look into Aromasin, Anthony Roberts completed a full article around Aromasin on another site.
He also writes for T-Nation here.



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I feel that Aromasin is actually the best PCT AI. If anyone wants to do a search on my name and aromasin (just use google), I'm sure you'll find it.


That article and my PCT one as well are on a private board you mod on I believe, as well as a few others you are a member of, that can't be viewed unless you're a member...