Opinions On an 8 Week Cycle for Fun

Over the years I tried a few compounds and have a lot of medical background
I was kind of experimenting on myself
Last year was shit had some resistant bacteria infection and barely survived
Now I am planning to do a cycle just for the feel good part, not interested in gains,
mostly I love the pumps while on
I enjoy test makes me feel young again - so that’s what I am after
the plan is this
Weeks 1 - 5 ( including 5 ) test e at 500mg per week ( split in two )
Weeks 1- 4 Var at 35mg per day
Weeks 6,7, 8 while test E is clearing slowly runing Dbol 20-30 mg ed
Week 9 PCT starts just nolva probably at 10 mg only ed
Weeks 1- 8 hcg and a little trick - nolva at 5mg per day
To mention, I have tried many cycles, made my own brew even
I have relatively bad genetics and I am fine with that, so I just want to feel that famous "Pump " you only get when you are on, along with keeping myself healthy
So if anybody has any ideas I would love to hear them
Thanks in advance

You have some work to do on your troll skillz

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there are tons of stuff you can do, without drugs…
organic food, more water, joga, running, affirmations and meditation, remodel your house/appartment, go on a date…
jesus fuck, when did “steroids” became the number one choise for such bullshit?

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I can promise you I’m not trolling, if you have something to point out please do, I am happy to hear ideas and critics, but in any case thank you for taking the time to read my post :slight_smile:

I understand I did not give a lot of info, so you are skeptical
The idea is basically I love bodybuilding and I really love it on pharma so since I don’t wanna start TRT ( not yet ) this seemed like an option because I would only use the tried and true stuff and at low dosages that I know from my personal experience will give me exactly what I want
test will as usual make me feel like i’m a teenager again (always has on lower dosages 250-500)
I chose dbol for the amazing pumps
I really like the recommendations you have mentioned, I do affirmations and meditation,
I did totally remodel ,my apartment *now date - is a bit tricky now since about a month and a half they removed half of my upper jaw :confused: ----but soon :smiley:
another thing is that I’ve spent the last year battling from allergies ( hate to take a lot of dexamethasone which “ate’” my muscles and bones ) then I had a bacterial infection of the sinuses and barely survived - so basically I am not depressed trying to escape
I already feel good and I just want to experience all that goes with being on a cycle ( because I have done it before, many times, the right way and the wrong way) and a bonus is that it will strengthen my muscles and bones to counteract the thing done by cortisol named dexamethasone
Thank you for your suggestions, I hope they were honest, and hope I hear some more :slight_smile:

This would be your best option. Run a “bodybuilder” TRT for pumps and mood. Just test only. You’ll get what you want

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or how bout this you know absolutely nothing about gear so either stop trolling or go research. Your going to only take test for 5 weeks lol then stop. GTFO here clown

I’m really not trolling, it’s just that the purpose of such a strange cycle is to feel good, to get good pumps, and to reduce the sides, because it’s easier to recover quickly after a shorter cycle ( especially with HCG )
The T injection from week 5 would slowly go down in the next 3 weeks offering some mild base and the dbol would be used for those 3 weeks because it clears fast ( and has great pumps which is the point )
This way there is no lag time and PCT can start at the beginning of week 9

Sounds interesting, is that like low dose cycle basically with just test ?