Opinions on a Family Issue

So lets say that you have a worthless stepbrother that dropped out of high school at 16, is now 19 and has never had a job, has wrecked 2 of his fathers cars, has gotten arrested for trespassing and theft of copper wire from construction sites (father payed out his ass for a lawyer to get him off), and is a financial drain on both his step father and your mother.

You find out that he is doing some thing illegal in your mother and step fathers house that is further costing them money, causing a fire hazard, and if caught would possibly get them both in legal trouble.

You have the choice of telling some one about the situation even tho you know it will cause lots of drama and emotional stress between your mother and step father, OR you can let it continue and let him be a further drain on them and possibly get them in to trouble and may be even hurt.

I have no idea what to do here. I hate to see him take advantage of them like this, but I dont want to cause a strain on there relationship.

What’s the fire hazard? My guess is he’s using HID lights to grow pot. Am I close?

Meth lab?

i would beat the shit out of him and tell him to grow up

Multiple lights, also multiple space heaters. I may be being paranoid about it but its not out of the question with both things.

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
i would beat the shit out of him and tell him to grow up[/quote]

That is fucking ironic LOL

IMO,I would really think about why your mom/stepfather keep bailing him out and allowing his antics in the first place…>BEFORE worrying about telling them anything else that he’s doing.

Side note I have considered just going and buying a gallon of bleach and “watering” his plants for him with out his knowledge. But I know he would just start over again.

I can beat his ass all I want… and I have before, but it wont make any difference. It makes me sick in the pit of my stomach to see any one feeding off and bleeding some one else dry for there own pleasure/gain, because they are to lazy to work for what they want and need. The fact that is is happening to my family by some one in my family just makes it worse.

Thoughts on the bleach idea?

he’s going to smell it and assume it was you.

[quote]Stuntman Mike wrote:

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
i would beat the shit out of him and tell him to grow up[/quote]

That is fucking ironic LOL[/quote]

b/c i also grow pot in my basement?

Tell him that you want a cut of the money, or you’ll rat on him.

Brotherly love.

[quote]Big_Boss wrote:
IMO,I would really think about why your mom/stepfather keep bailing him out and allowing his antics in the first place…>BEFORE worrying about telling them anything else that he’s doing.[/quote]

Sadly most of the problem lies with his father, my mom has always tried to punish him for his actions in the past but his father just rolls over to his sons every whim, so my mom has given up in order to save her sanity because all he hast to do is go cry to daddy. That is why I know that saying some thing will cause drama between them. My step father will roll over and be the pussy he is, where my mom will be pissed and demand some thing happen, then my step father gets angry because he feels my mom is basically picking on his son.

It looks like the job is going to fall to me to be the watchman of the family and make sure I keep his shit in line from the background, as to avoid any blow outs in the family.

But eventually he will question why his plants constantly die and smell of bleach =/.

Rat him out, make sure he knows its you, and beat his ass blue if he has an issue with it. Don’t let your parents find out the hard way!

Tell your parents, who will be pissed off and have a sit down with your step brother and he will hopefully sort himself out. I don’t understand why you don’t think two adults who have a 19 year old son would be able to handle the ‘strain’. Have you ever thought that maybe it would make there relationship better, as in they would unify against your step brother?

Sounds like he’s negatively impacting your whole life. Make him your bitch and be done with it.

I can’t give you any advice really, but I can sympathize.

My brother is a recovering addict and has done all sorts of nutty shit, which has for the most part torn my family apart.

Thing is, if you tell your parents you can’t predict how they’ll react towards your bro or towards each other, or how your brother might react once confronted. And while I’m sure you have a lot of insight on your parents relationship, and clearly your bro’s history might forecast his reactions, you really just don’t know how your intervention might pan out. It could, as TheCoolestLuke stated, be a positive experience for everyone involved. Or it could also go terribly bad, as it did in my case.

Thing is, you need to remember that despite being a family unit, each family member has its own baggage and personal dramas that they bring with them and deal with personally and/or transfer into their relationships. So before you do anything I urge you to evaluate your role in this on a more personal level - how does it make you feel to be watchman of the family, to see your brother constantly being coddled by his dad, to see how your bro’s behavior affects your parents, and on and on.

I’d also suggest maybe looking to a professional, perhaps a family counselor, as to how you might proceed.

[quote]enigma666 wrote:

Thoughts on the bleach idea?[/quote]

Sabotage is good. Only don’t go with bleach - weedkiller would be a better choice. If he doesn’t have much experience in growing weed, then he won’t keep trying indefinitely. From what you’ve said, he doesn’t seem like he has a lot of perseverance or motivation: he’s probably just looking for some easy money. All you need to do is to remove the ‘easy’ part, and he should give up.

Oh, and don’t make it obvious that you disapprove of his side project. Then the finger of blame won’t fall on you when the pot goes to pot.

Look, when he grows weed, I assume he has some sort of reservoir for his hydro system.

One word: Roundup.

A few drops and there is nothing that will save his plants.

Not that I am against growing weed, but I am against drawing your family in without their knowledge.

I would just call the police, give 'em a tip, and let them come check it out. If you film the event you might also be able to sell it to COPS and make some extra cash money.

Why do you even have to think about it. I would beat his fucking ass…then I would sit down with my mom and dad and explain the situation. I would also suggest them to kick his fucking ass to the curve. If not you will need to put yourself away from the family for some time. I don’t understand why you even need to think about it. What is right is right.