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Opinions of Research Chems?


Just out of curiosity whats you guy's take on research chems? Seems like a easy cheap way to get stuff like liquid armidex, anastrazole even some peptide stuff. But without istructions for mixing or any type of garuntee are these sites & the whole idea of research chems just hocus pocus ???


I got legit adex, aromasin and SERMs, but duff caber.

It's a mixed bag.

If you do decide to use them, then use companies that are sponsors on decent boards


friends and I have used them with success for AI's and PCT


Here's one that went under or rather changed their name:


Google research chemical supply and you will find something.

Like our friend above said you can get a mixed bag but the AI's, serms,PDE5 inhibitors like tadalafil, clenbuterol, melatonan II etc... are available.


I had some bad/interesting results from Research chems after it was suggested to me. I am not able to say surely that n=1 but my problems and symptoms developed immediately during and after the use of liquid research adex.


I've used them for an AI/SERM on my first cycle without incident. I continue to use them for T3/Albuterol. Would never again use them for Melanotan-II. Totally fucked my skin up...permanently.


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After the second injection I began seeing extra moles that were never on my skin before. There were about 4 extra on my face and then after the third injection another 3-4 which were very noticeable on my face/forehead. Immediately stopped use and threw it away. The moles became only slightly less pronounced but are still very much there and show no signs of going anywhere or fading. Doesn't necessarily mean it was the chem research labs fault, could just be my reaction to melanotan-II in general, but it's something I'll never take again.


I have heard that before and it could just be a genetic reaction. What strength were you using? That's a bummer.


I wouldnt fuck with liquid clen, liquid caber, or liquid t3. Nolva and clomid will normally always be g2g because they arent expensive to engineer. Liquid cabergoline isnt stable in that form. As for the t3 and clen, im a little bit of a health nut and wouldnt trust the dosing. Too much clen sounds really hard on the heart.

I mean 2 guys died in the military from too much dmaa let alone what clen would do. Too much t3 can damage the thyroid. If its letro or an ai, as stated, persue boards with sponsors, as you have a higher chance of getting ripped off that with some nolva.


What were your symptoms?


Not likely.


"The probe found no connection between DMAA use and single instances of injury. The Armed Forces Medical Examiner System investigated the four deaths and determined DMAA 'did not play a significant role.'"


What id the MT-2 do to you? I just got some.


I watched a documentary on it lol. It was put on by the mother tho. But all of those scientists seemed convinced that it was related to a combination of stimulants and intense workout. Either way its getting banned :|.


Double did you try your melanotan 2 and how did it do? .


i have good luck with some liquid T3 and A-dex...

however, i got some T3 and Nolva from a different vendor in capsule form, and i think it was bunk....

plus, the liquid stuff was way, way cheaper....


Hay, That's my mom!

I ran it but I kept a low dose and did a 2 on 1 off. I try to get about 1 1/2 hr of sun twice a week.

I have seen a difference but will be discontinuing it for now. My BP has always been "elevated" but it has spiked. When you only try one thing out at a time, it's easy to figure out the culprit.

I think some of the blame for the uneven and patchy skin tone may not be the fault of the MT-2. Tinea will cause the same symptoms and when you add the MT-2 to that equation, it really must stand out.