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Opinions of Masteron

What do you guys think of this one? Anybody that has used it, I’d love to hear what you thought, and what dosages and timing you used. What are some good stacks with Masteron? Was thinking about running a test, Deca, masteron cycle.

Test/masteron has some amazing synergy… Masteron not only hardens you up it really puts an end to estrogen. Test/masteron/Deca is a great cycle if you are not gyno prone! Remember Deca exerts it’s neg affects via progesterone… If you are, i’d definitely invest in some cabergoline to be on the safe side.

Most people haven’t used Masteron at the right dosage (at least 500mg/wk) and will say that it is only good if you’re under 10%bf… That cannot be further from the truth. Masteron, much like Winny, is a DHT derivative. The main problem people have with winny is that it can make your joints feel absolutely miserable! Masteron works in a very similar way except it doesn’t cause winny’s joint pain! The strength increase isn’t as pronounced with Masteron as it is with Winny but I know I"ll do without the joint pain!

Good cycle would be

12 Weeks
500mg Test E
500mg Masteron
600mg EQ

The EQ, IMHO works more synergestically with those two compounds. If, however, you are not gyno prone, I would go with Deca if you are looking for more of an overall weight gain… :slight_smile:

Hope that helped a bit… Please keep us informed on what you decide to do and keep us posted on your progress once you do get started!


I will never run a cycle without Masteron or Proviron. I love the way I feel on it and I do not think that you really need higher doses to notice it’s hardening up, mental, performance, and sexual effects. I use around 400mg a week, usually mixed with test prop and cyp (2000mg cyp, 4000mg prop, 6000mg mast) at around 55mg per day.

I suggest that if you want to try it, do it everyother to everyday. never tried deca so cannot say on that one, but why not? have been thinking about adding deca at a low dose to my stack.

Well my first thought was:

500mg test enanthate per week
300mg Deca per week
100mg Masteron EOD
I always have both Clomid and Arimadex on hand, have never had any hint of gyno problems. Wouldn’t the Masteron also help control any estrogenic side affects also, including gyno?

Prop, masteron, and tren is a great pre-contest stack…I would go with 100mgs 3x a week with the masteron…no more than that…

You have to remember deca causes ‘estrogenic like’ side effects via progesterone… AIs do not affect progesterone levels, you will need caborgoline (cabaser is the generic and much cheaper form of the drug).

I have noticed a signficant difference with masteron from 300-500mg/wk…

Again, my favorite cycle ever is Test Prop, Tren ace and masteron, it doesn’t get any better than that…

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
My all-time favorite stack has to be test E, primo E and masteron E.

What doses have you/do you use with this stack? How many times a week do you inject with this stack? How long do you run this stack? I only ask so many questions because I was considering something similar last night, with anavar in place of primo.

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Masteron can also make you more agressive, which is helpful in workouts. I believe it can also increase acne. Nizoral shampoo will help clear this if the effected areas are washed with it daily.