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Opinions of fat free cheese & Timing of fats ?

Im following t-dawg diet.

My last meal of the day before i go to bed consists of cottage cheese and low carb grow. Should i have my fish oil with this or not. If not i would move to the meal before this one. If i can have this at the last meal, how much fat is ok? One teaspoon of my oil has 45 cals and 5g of fat.

What is your opinion of eating cheese on t-dawg? I don’t drink milk and i would like to get my calcium from cheese. I read somewhere to stay away from dariy on this diet. I’m eating Kraft Fat Free Cheese Slice - Swiss. One slice has :
30 cals, 5.1g pro,2.2 carb,0.1g of fat

Im eating 3 slices per day. I eat 8 times (2 are for pre and post surge). Is that too much.