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Opinions of Cellucor M5?


Any adivce on this procuct ... maybe other brands of
creatine and pre-workout i should be using?


This product is even worse then 1MR and Jack3d. Any products that state "Special" proprietary blend avoid like the plague unless it's from respectable companies(Biotest, Genuine Health etc). Without getting into basic kitchen chemistry just pick one of the former products mentioned, far superior in a better bad sort of way.


OK good to know thank you kindly


I've never used this product, but the original M-5 is a proprietary blend, which I don't like. In doing a search, it seems there might be another version thats a little better. I've found that Cellucor's products tend to be overpriced and underdosed; one of the reasons I've never tried their products. I've been using a product called Hypershock, but when my tub runs out, I'm looking to get some caffeine pills and Surge Workout fuel.


Do you think the creatine part of the 2 is OK I mean should i use
it up? I hate the feel it gives me spiders crawling on me and Im
such a newbie to supplements I'm just clueless .... Thanks again


Thanks for the tips yeah im so clueless with the supplements and
never really useed them but thought i'd try it and know Im sitting
on this I just wonder if I finish it up? sounds like a terrible
product but it was expensive as you already know. thanks again


The spider feeling is the tingles from the beta alanine. Beta alanine works in conjunction with creatine to buffer lactic acid so that you can perform more reps. The tingles is dose dependant and generally goes away after using it for a time. The ingredients aren't bad, I just prefer other companies and products. I would just use it up since you have it. Or if the tingles bothers you too much, just return it. Most places have a return policy. GNC will give you store credit without a receipt I believe.