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Opinions, My New Program?


Anyone got any opinions on my new workout program, it is as follows:

Week 1:
Monday - Group A1: Work up to heavy singles [except skull crushers]
Tuesday - Group B1: Work up to heavy singles [except curls]
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Group A2: 3 x 12 @ ~50% 1RM
Friday - Group B2: 3x12 @ ~50% 1RM

Week 2:
Monday - Group A2: Work up to heavy singles [except skull crushers]
Tuesday - Group B2: Work up to heavy singles [except curls]
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Group A1: 3 x 12 @ ~50% 1RM
Friday - Group B1: 3x12 @ ~50% 1RM

Repeat above cycle.

The groups are as follows:
Group A1:

Back Squat
Flat Bench Press
Barbell Overhead Press
Skull Crushers

Group A2:

Front Squat
Flat Dumbbell Press
Triceps Press Down
Dumbbell Overhead Press

Group B1:

Pull Downs
Barbell Upright Row
Barbell Bicep Curl

Group B2:

Sumo Deadlift
Lateral Raise
Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Anything major I've missed? Any opinions / advice? I'm keeping the volume low while mildly cutting [barely below maintenannce] in an effort to keep / gain strength while loosing some bodyfat. The light days will obviously be done as explosively as possible.

My diet will be T-Dawg 2.0 style [low carb except post workout, with a low-gi carb up on the weekend].


No pullups? why so much isolation?


I don't like wearing those belts with weights strapped to them, they pinch... Sorry for the ignorance, but whats less isolated then squats, deadlifts, and bent rows?


you can put a db between your legs for pullups. and are you saying that squats and deadlifts are isolated movements...b/c they are not. i'm sure you know that and i am just misunderstanding what you just wrote.


The guy above me wrote "Why so much Isolation" - I honestly don't understand what he means. I might try that DB between the legs idea see how it feels.


It wouldn't be a bad idea to switch your Tuesday and Thursday workouts so you don't have 2 days on ME in a row. Other than that it looks pretty good.


He means why do you have skull crushers, tricep push downs, and curls in your program.

My suggestion is ditch those (isolation) movements and stick with compound movements, especially on a cutting diet.

Also, just put the belt on and do some damn pullups. The general consensus around here is that pullups/chinups are far superior to the lat pulldown.


Because in about 5 years I haven't trained Arms [except through O-Lifts], and I'm hoping since its a mild cut I might be able to benefit initially from "newbie gains" if I feel I'm overtraing I'll drop them.

Yeah, I'll definately do that, after squatting heavy, deadlifting heavy just has zero appeal.


I second swithing your Tue and Thurs. Same thing with the pull-ups learn to love the belt or try the DB.

I've never been a big fan of upright rows. Just don't feel right to me. What exactly are you using them for? Traps? If so maybe try overhead shrugs. Just a suggestion.


Also on your heavy days are you not doing curls or skull crushers at all or are you going to do 3 x 12 @ 50%? One more suggestion instead of pressdonws how about weighted dips?


I'll be doing the arm work at 5x5 or 6x8 depending on fatige levels, probably at about 10-12RM. Also as I train in my garage I can't really do dips [my power rack is really wide, with the supports being literally at the weight holding bit of my bar - both a blessing and a curse]. I might see if I can get an X-vest, or something like it for chins thou.


I see. Well the program looks good, maybe when you start to get into it you'll be able fine tune it.

Good luck.