Opinions/Experience/Dip Belt?

IronHorse Dip belt:


I would rather use a standard dip belt for half the price.

It seems like a pretty good belt. If the money isn’t an issue, I say go ahead and get it. If the price makes you cringe, I say follow the advice the last guy gave: get a cheaper one for half the price.

My gym has the basic leather dip belts with a chain. I do dips with over 100 lbs hanging & have never had a problem with it coming off. However, that could be because my protruding “suqatter’s butt” keeps the belt from sliding.

If money is not an issue the best belt is the De Rigueur dipping belt from ironmind.


I was lucky enough to find it on ebay for $30, and it was WELL worth it. Very comfortable and can handle (based on their claims) 1000 pounds.

Thanks for the replies. I managed to get to store where I could try one out with a plate attached. No problems with it. So, half the price and no shipping.