Opinions, criticisms

Hi T-dogs… i was wondering what you guys think of my training plan. I am finishing up my third month of convergent phase training. For the next 9 weeks starting Monday I’m going to do a bodybuilding type split modeled after John Berardi’s in creation of a T-man article. Some changes though.

I split up quads and hams…hams will be done on metabolic day…and metabolic day is a dino/functional training day…it has been moved to saturday.Here it is
consist of 24 sets per day, 8-12 reps per set. Mon Chest/back. Dips 4 sets, Bent over row ,Bench press 4sets,weighted chin 4 sets,incine fly 4 sets,seated row 4 sets Tues- quads/calves squats 4sets, calf raises 4sets, front squats, jump in place 4 sets x60, lunges 4 sets, 1 leg hop 4 sets.WED- ab routine(5x5 ab wheel, russian twist,rev crunch) Thurs arms(only for first four weeks, specilization) bicep curl 4 sets, cg bench, 4 sets, incl db curl 4 sets, reverse grip bench, hammer curl 4 sets, tri extension 4 sets. Fri-hammies/metabolic day (only hamstring sets are done to maximum, the rest is toal body for recovery witha twist…I 'm dong more functional exercises instead) Sldl’s 4 sets, towel chins 2 sets, glute ham raise, 4 sets, OH squats 2 sets, manual reverse hyper 4 sets, push press 2 sets, wheel barrow walk for time . sun- ab workout(5x5, weighted crunch, saxon side bend 2 sets, full contact twist, 2 sets, swiss ball crunch 5x5) . Then I’m going to bridge 4 weeks of high rep and low rep training. Then its 9 weeks of low rep strength training. After that I’m planning to buy Coach Davie’s 8 week program and incorporate it as a power phase. What do you guys think…open to all types of suggestions…thanks…Mike

Jesus, I overtrained just reading that. Too much volume, too many days, too mauch redundancy. Just a question, how much can you squat/DL and at what bodyweight? What do you expect out of your program? What are your goals? Then we can help.


Well it was alot of writing thats for sure Greg. I’m 5’9 170…Haven’t squatted in almost three months since I moved outta my gym but I’ve been deadlifting. Squat was 450 parallel. Deadlift is 430 (but taht was done in an extreme caloric deficit when dieting) bench 275. My goals are to put on 20 -30 pounds of solid weight (i accept the fact that there is going to be SOME fat gain,but i’m looking for a good ratio) in the next 3-4 monthsthat gives me 12-16 weeks to put on good weight with a lot of very clean calories. Thanks…Mike