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Opinions Appreciated

I am a 41 year old male. 6’0" 211 # . 13.95% bodyfat. Starting over on a cutting phase. Went from 19.5% to 11.5% Jan. 01 2002 to March 31. The wheels came off, just went thru a divorce and my trainig partner tore his rotator cuff. So here I am starting over…

My question is this. I’ve got a big supply of Tribex, the old T2 and Methoxy 7. Should I use these supplements throughout my 12 week cutting cycle or wait to say I drop below 10%???I will be using the “Don’t Diet” diet.
First 6 weeks Meltdown I followed by 6 weeks of 5x5.
My goal is to hit 6 or 7% and maintain that for a while and then do a full blown Mag-10 cyle in conjunction with a 12 week Ian King program.

Thanks in advance.

Everyones overwhelming resoponse is hurting my feelers : )

Paul,just keep in mind that old saying"eat like a pig,die like a pig".


I don’t get your analogy?? Care to explain?

People probably aren’t saying much because there’s probably nothing remarkable or wrong with your plan. The t-mag archives and previous board comments would indicate this will be a good plan so just do it. Don’t need our blessing. But I can still give feedback. If you want to really keep your training really fresh, you might want to change your training every four weeks instead of six: meltdown, then 5x5, then Fat from the Fire, for instance. That’ll keep your body off balance. Also, are you sure you can mathematically reach 6 to 7% in 12 weeks? Crunch the numbers. Don’t make your goal simply a wish. And if you don’t reach your goal in 12 weeks, get off the cutting cycle anyways. 12 weeks is too long. Your body will most likely stop responding. Go straight to Mag-10 and return to cutting later. good luck.

Thanks Carwreck.Appreciate the input.