Opinions and Thoughts On My First 6 Week Labs?

I’ve been on test cyp 75mg twice a week for 6 weeks. I’m with my GP right now. These are all the labs I have. These were taken on my trough day.

Testosterone Free: 16.2 ng/dl (8.7-25.1)
Total Testosterone: 697 ng/dl (241-827)
Prolactin: 13.9 ng/ml (2.1-17.7)
Estradiol: 52 pg/ml (12-40)
SHBG: 31 nmol/L (27.9-146.0)
TSH: 3.38 uIU/ML (0.30-3.04)
Free T3: 3.01 pg/ml (2.30-4.20)
Albumin: 4.0 G/DL (3.2-4.8)
RBC: 4.64 M/UL (4.70-6.10)
WBC: 4.9 K/UL (4.8-10.8)
HGB: 14.7 G/DL (14.0-18.0)
HCT: 44.4 % (42.0-52.0)
MCV: 96 FL (80-94)
MCH: 31.8 PG (27.0-31.0)
PLT: 163 K/UL (130-400)

Your E2 is thru the roof! I’d be near death with those numbers! You need an AI now!

SHBG below 20 is considered low right? I think my 31.0 is normal. Is this right?

It’s within normal range, but still on the lowish side. Not a problem.

How do you feel? TSH is high and e2 is high. Are you tired and emotional?

Horrible E2, bad for mood, libido, energy, arteries, fat gain, prostate and insulin sensitivity.

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Get AST/ALT tested as possible low E2 clearance in liver.

Low SHBG and high E2 suggests increased risk of diabetes.

TSH is way above optimal. Should be closer to 1.0
This can be from not using iodized salt - best outcome.
Eval your overall thyroid status by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.

  • do you feel cold easily or easier now?
  • are outer eyebrows sparse.
    FT3=3.01 is a bit low, should be mid-range =3.25 or a bit higher


  • self inject T twice a week
  • take 0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections

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