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Opinions: Anadrol, Sus, and Tren


i need your opinions all my buddies been saying alot of different ways to cycle these 3

all at once? 1 at a time?.. this will be my 3rd cycle




drol and tren yikess!


Drop the Drol use Dbol.

I think its better, straight up.

And Dbol synergies with tren really well, especially the whole, makes you "so hungry you think you might eat a baby" thing.




its silly to say drop drol for dbol. just absolutely silly. keep the drol and see how it works for you. it does wonders for me.

This combo was a cycle I am considering doing probably after the new year. The amount of size you could gain on this stack really excites me like a kid awaiting christmas.

All at once.



His first tren cycle isn't the best time to try out drol.

Ive used both, dbol is a better and more effective drug in my opinion and in the opinion of many users.


You have an opinion on the matter because you've used both. And same for the others. Theres plenty of people that say drol is better. These compounds are completely dependent on use by the user and their own trial and error. To be able to say drop drol and add dbol its "better" is rather ridiculous. Just because its better for YOU really has 0 bearing on HIS cycle. Ive yet to get a flare up on drol but dbol has given me my only fight with gyno.

Rather than giving USELESS advice why not pay more attention to the fact that he doesnt know whether to take the compounds all at once or one at a time & clearly not ready to use any of the compounds. I misread his post and really feel he is not even ready to consider planning a cycle. Lots and i mean LOTS of reading to do.



Gyno is not the issue for my suggestion, its blood pressure. Dbol isn't fantastic on blood pressure but it is no where near as sideeffect prone as drol in that regard.

Stack tren and drol and your asking to pop all kinds of blood vessels.

Drol also seems to cause a pronounced lack of appetite in many users, agian the complete opposite of what you looking for when you run tren, which tends to kill appetite as well.

Certainly some experience appetite loss with dbol, and even test, and some experience rapid appetite with tren and drol...but its not the average or the norm. Most experience ridiculous appetite on dbol and it tends to balances out that rather unpleasant tren side effect nicely.

When I make a statement it is not "bro advice", and I make comments about whatever I think about at the time, its my time, for my amusement, Im not always THAT helpful.

Dbol isnt just "better for me" its the better drug choice to combine with tren, drol is a fantastic drug, but its particular side effects pair poorly with tren, especially for an inexperienced user. If you disagree that is fine, but explain your reasoning.




Any thoughts on possible benefits of stacking d-bol and letro, with a low dose of tren? I think tren might be good because it's the strongest nonaromatizing steroid and it's androgenic whereas d-bol is anabolic. Anyone have expierence with low doses of tren? Does it have as many sides when ran low?

If not tren what would be a good nonaromatizing androgenic to stack with d-bol? What about high dose proviron or masteron?

Also, isn't drol the worst oral in terms of liver damage and just sort of a nasty piece of gear? Even though he doesnt want to stack other orals with it something powerful like trenbolone or really any drug can also cause elevated lipid profiles. I would guess a higher dose of test with maybe primo would be make a much better stack in terms of sides versus gains.


Drol is actually a very safe and well designed steroid, we just tend to use very high doses, far beyond medical usage (as with everything).

It is not particularly worse on the liver than anything else, save for the fact that the doses are higher with drol.

Halo, cheque drops and the like are really the nastiest stuff out there. But Ive never even seen drops, and only met a few guys who ran halo powerlifters mainly, a few fighters.

Tren and especially the oral version of tren are pretty nasty as well, cattle steroids, not even intended for human usage. Tren is the nastiest thing we commonly use and its really not that bad, people demonize it.

Dbol and tren is a very popular cycle infact, they compliment each other nicely, and many guys seem to be running it. Great cycle, good mass and strength gains. Many guys run 600-800mg/week of tren with dbol, I generally dont go that high, but I rarely choose tren as my main androgen for a cycle.

The estrogen compounds from dbol are sufficient for normal function if dosed correctly. dbol can function as a replacement for your test production better than most steroids, but running a little HCG would literally be perfect in that reguard.

Plus I feel the shutdown from tren is hard and fast, so HCG makes the PCT go smoother in any reguard, so I generally run it with tren, its cheap and effective.

Personally I dont run anything without a healthy serving of test, but I respond fantastically to test, and have almost no sides even when stacking it with high levels of tren and other compounds. This is not the case for many.

Alot of guys like a low test, high tren approach, as it seems to help with the insomnia and general crap feelings some run into. I prefer high test, and moderate tren.


Its interesting how different people react differently to different drugs.

Just though Id give you my experience with drol and dbol.

Dbol = great strength, fussier half life, terrible constant diarrhea, tons of nose bleeds (note blood pressure didnt change much=under 140/80 weird), more aggression/anger, terrible back pumps playing sport or training if larger than 10mg doses taken, but great mood. Had to use nolva puffy nips.

I used 3 different types of tabs some stronger than others all sides same.

Drol = Great strength like dbol, none of the other side of dbol...more tired on drol, strange moods sometimes, no puffy nips, more day sweat/same sort of night sweat. Same sort of bp - ie. didnt change.

I will add special note here for the halflife of drol...i could take it at a particular time and be jacked all workout (about 2 hours) whereas dbol timing was much more fussy and peaked and dropped so my workout was somewhat less efficient than with drol.

Both have similar strength gains for me mg for mg (50mg of each) gains are about as fast as one another, kick in similar times, similar weight gains, similar bloat, bp, i just really think i grow more muscle on drol (probably of the chronic diarrhea i get from dbol im sure...how can I grow?).


I tend to agree though if your comfortable with dbol...dbol+tren I believe would be a safer cycle.

If you have to reduce dbol estro sides you can take an AI...

Cant do that with Drol...your pretty much stuck all you can do is stop the drol, or tren, or both.


I loved dbol and tren. Great combo. I will say though, that if run at a dosage like one would run drol at, the shin pumps kill me.

No I am not joking.