Opinions: Anadrol 50mg?

Who likes Anadrol (oxymetholone)?

Not a huge fan, I prefer dbol in most cycles.

But its definitly worth trying, many guys hate dbol and love drol.

Its kind of a “how you respond to it” situation.

I blow up on it fast, but the gains stop, and alot of it is water, blood pressure sky rockets, and I tend to lose my appetite a bit.

With Dbol, I gain a little slower and more steadily, agian, alot of it is water, blood pressure is high, but not as bad, and makes my appettite enormous.

On both water retention is pretty high.

Even fairly high doses of letro cant seem to keep you reasonably dry.

I plan to try Dbol, first time, in the next month or so. But I have tried Anadrol-I started with 50mg ed for like 3-4 days then upped my dose to 75mg ed for a total of about three weeks. Makes you thirsty as hell-drink alot of water. I usually drink a gallon/day but when I started the drol it upped my intake to 2 Gallons/day. BP went up with me-got nose bleeds when I blew it-just a little, not like a fosset. Appetite went down a little, felt kinda sick sometimes. but felt awesome in the gym-felt awesome just driving in my truck to the gas station. very strong shit. But for me, not as ‘scary’ as I’ve read it to be.
try it out and see how you like it. you’ll know in 2 weeks of use im sure. I put on about 15lbs in 18 days, yes water, but I didnt look very puffy do to the use of Adex. My bench went from 200 for 3x8 to 245 3x8. -no bs i had a log.

hey DaJa when did you start actually noticing gains after starting the oxymetholone? Where you seeing gains after first few days or did it take a couple of weeks before you saw gains??? I recieved some powder from a source reliable in the past, but after 2 weeks of taking 100mg a day I saw no gains in weight, felt irritable, and so i stopped taking it, it wasnt at all what I had expected so it wasnt worth continuing the cycle to me

Hmm very weird Andy.The most feeling I got out of it in the first week was, extreme thirst-mouth was very dry. I went through half a gallon(nearly) durring my sleep, due to waking up so dry. I got night sweats-had to flip my pillow several times, and lay down an extra sheet where I lay. Besides those few sides, I didnt really ‘feel’ much change. My aggression was fine.

The scale started to move up a couple pounds after just the first 3-4 days. At the gym I felt very thirsty, and sweat more easily, but the weight began to feel a little lighter at like day 5. I then increased my weights by 5lbs and the weights began to feel heavier but I lifted them very easily while adding reps. -I continued to increase by 5-10lbs pretty much every week in my first month, first 20 days with the anadrol.

Again-after like three days I increased my dose to 75mg. I enjojed taking it 2x day, with the liquid oral I got I could sense it kick in within roughly 15-20mins after injesting. So like 50mg pre-workout, then 25mg 6-8hrs later. Once I upped my dose I began to ‘feel’ on more. Blood preasure went up a little bit and I got pumped up and very tough feeling-like a tree, nothing could move me to the side-feet planted in the ground. In my mind I didnt even notice I was on anything(ocassional road rage, anger towards the dumbbells)-but physically this shit should make you feel very solid/un-touchable.

With A-bombs you get the most out of it, the fastest, within the first 2-3 weeks. For some it takes a week ‘kick in’. Either way the profiles are pretty correct when they say nearly 1lb per day is reported for the first 3 weeks. 90% water of course.

I would have discontinued it also

Your reaction to it may not be the same as a previous experience or a future one.
As Westclock mentioned - it is going to be a personal decision (as with all these drugs).

I like the drug, but never use above 350mg/wk.

I am also a boring proponent of the necessity for the training, diet and discipline of life being in place before suggesting a lack of a desired result from a drug you may have tried is due to the dynamics or kinetics of the drug in question.

I tried different kinds of Anadrol, they all made me bloat except the green Androlic 50mg. I felt like i was using a magical Adrol. Couple of my friends tried as well and got the same results.

you start gaining strength on it on around the third day, then you start seeing the weight gain 4 days after that. very minimum water retention. i actually looked leaner after using it for 3 week. keeping in mind that i never went above 150mg/day
I workout at around 6pm, so i always took half the dose 30 mints before breakfast and the other half 30 mints before my workout

Many people get many different side effects from one brand or source, to the next. Some react a little differently. The problem is-Andy got nothing out of it, but sore dry joints. no strength, no nothing. not 1 lb.