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Opinions About Speedos?


Summer is here and I love the pool (and desperatedly miss the ocean). The husband always wears swimming trunks and I wanna buy him a speedo but he says only old and clueless guys wear them.

To be honest I don't know much about male beach fashion in the US (hence the post), and I do think if a guy is too skinny, fat, or old, I don't wanna see his legs much less his package, but a speedo on a nice body is yummy. Not briefs, but square legs.

So boys (and girls) any thoughts on such a relevant topic?


You do want to make sure that he has absolutely no chance of getting laid, though he has a nice body?

Good thinking!


Personally I couldn't care less what another dude wears to the beach, but I can tell you for sure that amongst my friends speedos are considered pretty douchey unless you're a competitive swimmer or engaging in some kind of water sport.

Shouldn't he just wear whatever's most comfortable to him?


Budgie Smugglers should be illegal!


Personally i have to agree with your husband. I have never seen a guy in speedos that didnt make people laugh and point - this includes very lean and ripped guys. Just go with the board shorts and he will be fine and can still show off his abs lol


Not from the US but from a country with a huge beach culture and I practically live there November through March every year.

Gotta go with hubby on this one - IMO speedos are for old, overweight or clueless guys who don't hang out at the beach all that much.

Only time I reckon they're permissible is if you're doing serious laps, or are a surf lifesaver or compete in ironman.

Board shorts are most common here, but if you've got a good build trunks are a good option. I get mine from Aussiebum - their website's worth a look for ideas.

BTW we call speedos "budgie smugglers" here :slight_smile:


we call speedos ball huggers..
go for trunks!


and let's not forget the banana hammock :slight_smile: Don't make him wear it, for the sake of every man everywhere.


Frankly, if I were built like Lee Priest (short like me), damn right I'd wear a Speedo!


Speedos are a no-go for me and should be for any non-competitive swimming male.


In the comfort of your own home, so you can enjoy it. That sounds like a great idea.

But in America it is ultra mean to make him wear those in public.


I can understand where you are coming from. I am European and it's very normal to wear a Speedo, even if you are fat, skinny, or old. But here in the US, it's pretty much taboo.


I own a pair for lap swimming. I've worn them to the beach with gym shorts over top because I wanted to tan my blinding white thighs. And the nice thing is, I really couldn't give two shits what anyone thought about it.


I have speedos. Two pair. One Square leg pair and another pair that goes down to my knees.

The long pair I use when I'm doing laps, the other pair I got to wear under coveralls when I was working in the California Desert and wanted to strip down and swim as quickly as possible to cool off.

For public viewing, use though? No way man, let your husband be himself and wear what he's comfortable wearing. He'll appreciate you more. If you push the speedo issue on him, he'll resent you and maybe stick it in the wrong hole on "accident."


I'm wearing a g-string this Christmas. You know...just in case someone needs a spare Yule log.


You people suck

Where is the picture of Borat in a thong?? COME ON!

And yes, speedos are absurd to wear in public in the USA. Not all bathing suits need to go below the knee though. If he's tall however, there is no reason to wear anything above the knee.


it'll be cold and whittled down to a #2 pencil


OP- a pic of you in a bikini is required for an accurate assessment for a helpful reply. You know, to help you out


I don't know why someone would point and laugh at someone on the beach unless they were insecure themselves at the beach. I'm actually getting a little bored with board shorts and am opting for something that'll show off my legs a little bit more. While I won't be getting the square cut speedos, I really don't see a problem with them.


Right....if you saw a gigantic 500lbs woman wearing a thong and spray painted nipple stars, you wouldn't make even one quip? Not one? What the hell is wrong you, man!!!?