Opinions About My New TRT Protocol?

My new TRT protocol will be:
50mg test EOD
HCG 250 IU’S twice a week
50mg Proviron ED
With this protocol I’m looking to increase DHT, FT and have E2 ranges between 20 to 35

I’m pretty sure your E2 will be higher than that between taking 175mg/week of T and HCG. I don’t think this is a problem, just wanted to point that out. The whole 20-30 range is BS, don’t get stuck on a number.

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Exactly, some run E2 to double and triple that, even higher, and feel great.

50 EOD equals to 180mg test a week, you think twice a week will be better to lower E2 than EOD?

50mg EOD is 175mg a week on average, not 180. 50/2=25mg/day. 25*7=175. But, 5mg doesn’t really matter that much either way

I do not think twice a week will be better at reducing E2.

HOWEVER, the problem is you’re still acting like E2 is a bad thing. It isn’t, if proportional to your test levels. Mine is 73, no issues. There are plenty of people higher than mine without any issues. A lot of the positive benefits of trt COME from E2 actually. The points of views on this have changed significantly recently.

What is your protocol?. Maybe I should drop HCG

I use 20% creme so it’s tough to compare. 150mg a day. But it isn’t all absorbed so the numbers aren’t comparable to dosages use for injections.

Before that I did 150mg/week, injected 3x a week

Do you feel better with the cream?

I don’t have a good comparison, I switched just after injections started working but when everything is good they seem to be pretty similar. It supposedly increases DHT more than injections though so a lot of people love it. I have noticed more hair shedding but I don’t care as long as my issues are fixed. I had an awesome week or two then tried HCG which caused some issues so I’m just waiting to get back to “normal”

Why did you add HCG?

Trying for kids next year so doc thought it safer to take a low dose now to keep the balls going. I am not going to take it though for now.

Ok, good luck

After 2 months of EOD injections:
FT: 20
E2: 59
SHBG: 50
EOD is way worst for me than E3d. I’m going back to twice a week injections

Ranges, amount of test/shot should be helpful.

Of course. Three months ago I was on E3d test cyp 100mg twice a week, no AI, HCG EOD 250 IU’S. My results were:
TT: 1300
FT: 33
E2: 49
SHBG: 35
After watching Dr Nichols and Jay Campbell saying that EOD frequency is the way to go, I start 3 months ago 50mg test cyp EOD and Proviron 50mg ED. The results with this protocol were worst:
FT: 20
E2: 59
SHBG: 50
TT: Didn’t care to know
For me,less frequency is better. Now my new protocol is E3d 100mg test and 0.25 Anastrazole twice a week. I won’t listen anyone anymore, just follow my practioner orders. Dr Nichols is a scammer

I never had any luck on less frequent either.

Don’t listen people on the forums or YouTube, follow the protocol of your provider, if doesn’t work then change provider until your symptoms are resolved, I learned the lesson by the hard way

What is your protocol?

Most guys have get horrible advice from their providers, changing doctors sometimes results in more of the same, that’s why this forum exists, but to say what you’re saying is absurd and you wouldn’t be taking this position had the advice here shown great results, you’re just sour because you didn’t get good results.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Every man is different, TRT is not well understood yet. Saying that everyone should do EOD injections is wrong, is a dogma. I feel better on less frequency, I know a guy that feels better on biweekly injections. Lot of guys on the forums and YouTube make bold statements like Jay Campbell and others.