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Opinions About My Current Bulk Diet


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to ask what you guys think about my bulking diet. I'm not going crazy with calories and trying to keep it fairly clean. My current weight is 180lbs. Thanks in advance!


Breakfast: Oats and whey with 1% milk, a tiny amount of raw cocoa powder
Preworkout: Banana, oats, Whey, milk
Postworkout: Recovery shake with a lot of protein and carbs (up to 150 grams)
Meal: Low fat meat, rice
Supper: Nuts or Eggs, fruits
Before bed: Quark (25 grams of protein)

I tried to be very honest here.. I'm usually getting macros as something like: 200+ grams of protein, 300+ grams of carbs, 100 grams of fat. So it's around 3000 kcals, and I'm slowly gaining weight.

Should I get more slowly digesting protein before bed? What about macros, should I eat less fats? Last time I was bulking I got quite bad results, so now all kinds of tips are greatly appreciated!


Serious ? I mean, you have read something, anything on nutrition?

Ever heard of vegetables?

Supper, sigh.

Your total, according to you, is around 3000. For bulking, that is AM. What about the rest of the day? And low fat meat? Again, bulking food.

Aim for around 5000. Read some more also. You are so off, it's not funny.


If hes slowly gaining weight then why add another 2000kcals into the equation? A sure way to turn a clean successful bulk into a failed fat bastard one.


I agree. Just because it's hardcore sounding and makes you feel like a pro doesn't mean everyone should jump into eating 5000 calories a day right away. Come up with a diet plan, track progress for a few weeks, and adjust accordingly if you are gaining too fast or too slow. Continue the process for forever, maybe one day this will lead to 5000 calories a day, but it's foolish to start with that.


@JFG, 5000 kcal would certainly make me grow, but it's not the fat on my waist I prefer. Even though I know I'm on the low side now, I will follow how my body/scale reacts and then adjust the calories based on that.

What else ?


Then, I'm suppose to take him by the hand and give him a day to day eating program that will last him a life time?

And you agree that 3 shakes a day, a low fat meal and nuts is the way to go?

He needs basic education on eating to bulk. The only way to do that is education.

And seriously. From 3 to 5 k in a day? Again, basic education. Assuming to do it like you mentionned is asinine. Again, basic education.

Please, tell me he can "bulk" (hate that word, btw) with 3k calories and following a powerlifter program or BB program 5-6 days a week is possible?


You already know what to do, I do agree that you should try to incorporate more vegetables especially leafy greens and more whole eggs.


You need more solid protein.

Agreed on the calories, you shouldn't need to go over 3500 calories to even reach 200lbs. That's IF your activity level outside of weightlifting is low.


You may want to double check your macros.
Besides eggs/nuts I don't see 100 grams of fats in your diet unless you are eating A LOT of eggs/nuts for that one meal... Don't be afraid of fats.

You can also limit carbs in the evening since you don't workout during those hours and the body doesn't deal with carbs very well in the evenings anyways. I would try to stick almost all of my carbs in my breakfast meal as well as peri-workout.

Try taking your Supper-fruit and moving it to post workout or that first meal after you lift. Then for supper eat some greens; broccoli, green beans, spinach with your eggs and nuts.


Thank guys for the tips!

Does this look any better? I'd like you to give opinions about the distribution of calories/macros throughout the day. All kinds of feedback still highly appreciated!

Breakfast: Oats, milk, whole eggs, berries, raw cocoa [51P 61C 40F] 763 KCAL
Preworkout: Oats, whey, milk, fruit [53P 73C 15F] 650 KCAL
Postworkout: Recovery shake [48P 93C 12F] 672 KCAL
Meal1: 150g Ground beef 10%, Veggies, Rice [32P 41C 16F] 432kcal
Meal2: 150g Ground beef 10%, Veggies, Rice [32P 28C 16F] 371kcal
Evening: Nuts, Quark [60P 27C 17F] 487 KCAL

SUM: 280g protein, 320 carbs, 115 fats. 3375 Kcal.


WAY better.

As noted above, see how you feel after a few weeks and adjust accordingly. Then, adjust when you need to.


Listen, you stated "aim for 5000k" with no reference to slow/steady increase. If you meant differently, be more specific next time as the majority who commented here assumed you meant an immediate increase. Judging by your last post, you did. Thank God because anyone who would auto recommend that kind of increase without serious personal info is borderline retarded. But not you because that wasnt your recommendation so everything is cool..