Opinions About Metal Militia

what do you think of Metal Militia bench training?

i’m looking for a great training method to increase my raw bench press and i have see that metal militia guys crash a lot of records…

It’s designed exclusively for heavily shirted benching, and the records they’ve set are in federations using said equipment. Props to them, they’re doing very well at their goals, but you won’t do well on it without equipment.

You could of course use the basic template and switch about half the lockout work to bottom position work and cut the volume by about a third. Not really MM anymore after that, but it’d be a good bench specialization routine.


i see your point…
and what do you suggest for raw bench?
westside? sheiko?


I’ve known some people do well with Sheiko, but it’s still a little high on the volume for some people. How’s your form on the bench? If you’re not completely comfortable that it’s VERY good, I’d stick with something a little less intense while you hammer it down and build up any weaknesses you may have.

So I guess I just talked myself into a basic Westside style template (without bands or chains for a while) with the assistance work focused on the bottom portion of the lift. I’d also keep the ME day under control (it’s easy to get carried away and let form go to hell) and stick with a 4-6 rep range on ME movements. I’d also keep away from tiny ROM (like 4 board press) movements most of the time.

Hope this helps,


my form is quite good, i think. nothing that cant be improved …
i think i’ll stick on WS, as you outlined…

thx for the help

No prob - best of luck.


As well as the advice above, I’d offer this 0.2 cent:

If you looking at Westside, check out elitefts articles as Jim Wendler has two on how to adjust the template (‘benching like a stripper’ and ‘casual friday’) for raw lifters. Also check back in a week or so as James Smith is putting up an article on his modifications to the trad template - swapping DE for SE days, for example, which led to a PR in his raw BP.


i switches around Metal Militias basic template to make a bench workout for my raw bench and am using it right now