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I am about to begin CT’s Beast Evolves Training and diet program. I am following it exactly, starting with fat fast and then switching to the don’t diet diet. I am also going to take the same supplement he did also. But I would like everyone’s opinion on Yohimburn DF, the topical formula he used during the program. I thought topical creams and such did not work. I would hate to buy some and it be shitty. Has anyone used it before?

I believe the primary effect of that “supplement” is to remove water from the skin. In that respect, if you are lean, it will probably “work” in that you will tighten up a bit. Its purely cosmetic from what I can see.

im sure TT will be in soon with her opinion on topical fat loss products.

personally i have never tried them and the reviews that i have heard are mixed.

if you have the money go for it! if not im sure you can spend your money on some proven supps instead, such as hot rox or an eca.

Sandman, I’ve used another topical yohimbine product, LipoDerm-Y, and it works as advertised. However, it is most effectively used when men reach 10% BF.

Additionally, it is only effective on a carb-restricted diet. To understand why, yohimbine (be it oral or topical) is a fat mobilizer. If you mobilize fat and then spike insulin, your body is going to re-store the fat you just mobilized.

To get the biggest bang for the buck, wait until you hit 10%.