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Opinion on training frequencies

A question to all T-folk: In a seven day week, i lift five times, using a three day split (day 1 - arms/forearms,day 2 - legs/shoulders, day 3 - off, day 4 - chest/back, day 5 - off then starts again). On the 2 off days i do about 25 minutes of interval cardio. so im doing ‘something’ everyday of the week. now im the first to laugh when people talk about overtraining like its the plague, but is my frequency too much? should i be throwing in an extra day’s rest to avoid overtraining? thanks guys…

Are you making measurable progress towards your goals? Search this site and others, there are many ways to determine over training, but they all require that you play attention to your progress and your body.

Over training is a very indiviual thing. If you feel recovered and can keep hitting the gym with intensity and keep making gains every WO, then you’re fine. If you start feeling like you’re dragging and aren’t looking forward to getting to the gym and progress screaches to a halt, then you may need to back off and allow more reovery. With intense lifting, a lot of recovery is neuro. If I train heavy to often, I lose the mental focus and concentration required to keep intensity high and then a day or 2 off will do wonders.