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Opinion on this??

Ok,I got this off my friend’s AIM info…she was sad over something. What do u think of her guy?

“why do i feel the way i do now? it’s only human that ppl get jealous…but im not jealous…or am i? im not expecting so much from him as he is from me…not even a bit…i dont care who he’s w/ or w/e…i wouldnt hang out w/ the opposite sex w/o knowing that he’ll be ok w/ it…that’s why i dont…yet…he can…and he doesnt think anything of it??..why is it that i care so much…yet…he cant understand how i’d feel if he’d do the things he doesnt want me doing? why doesnt he at least think things out first…or is it just me? am i just so stressed out over nothing??”

He sounds like a controlling, abusive asshole.

The thing in the quotes is what I’m talking about…that is what she wrote.

Is it just me, or are there others out there who have NO FRIGGIN’ IDEA what this is about?

Sounds like this chick is jealous when her guy hangs out with other girls. Right? Well, if you have a solid, trusting relationship then you shouldn’t need to worry about these kinds of things. If you are super jealous and worried then you have a problem within your own relationship with this dude that needs to be looked at. Why can’t you trust him to hang out with other chicks? Are you afraid he’ll hit on them? If the answer is yes, then he probably has a history of this. Then you need to ask yourself, WHY AM I WITH THIS ASSHOLE? The basis to any good, healthy relationship is TRUST. And if it ain’t there, well…you’re screwed. Does this friend of yours really want her guy telling her what she can and cannot do? If yes, why? Is she looking for a mate or a parent?

Jealousy indicates a lack of trust, lack of trust indicates a problem in the relationship. In my experience, if a guy is FREAKING that his girlfriend talks to other guys or is around guys ‘unsupervised’ it usually means one of two things: 1. she has cheated on him before and is paranoid or 2. he is cheating so he’s assuming she is too (just plain guilt.) If it’s the first, then she dug her own hole. If it’s the second she should kick him to the curb.

Michelle, gave some good advice however, there is a third and that is could have been really burnt in the last relationship and is carrying that shit into the next… Any way you slice it run like hell… That is damaged…

Well, I’ll tell you what. This is just what I am talking about. If you read the passage carefully, you will see one clearly denoted communication. It’s a message that Alabama cousins should never engage in sexual relations after watching the movie “Deliverance,” a coal mine strike, or any other time for that matter.

I’d be more concerned to not turn my back on this person if she still had a good grip on the pen. I don’t know exactly who this person is, but I can almost assure you that her home is decorated in wood paneling.